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My Blog 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008 and beyond!

December 2006


Week 4 - I  was featured in Joy Ward's Dogster for the Love of Dogs, Dog Blog today. Joy mentioned my drawing by Larry Merrill and the Dog Each Day website. And she mentioned my website, thanks Joy! See it here!



Artist Larry Merrill is honoring the Year of the Dog on the Chinese Zodiac (January 29, 2006-February 17-2007), by providing a piece of original art for each day of the year - a Dog Each Day. And we are very honored that he picked me for December, 24-2006! Here's the cool drawing! And here is the link to the Dog Each Day website!



Thank you Larry for picking me! I love the drawing. All of your drawings are amazing. When I get my bandage off, I'll be sure and get right to that ball, I'll give it a good chase in your honor!





Went in to get my cast off today! Yippee. But they put a soft cast on me. Have to have this one on for two weeks, then I have x-rays to check the bone, then either they take off the bandage entirely, or I keep the soft cast on! Will it ever end!!! I'm routing for the darn bandage to come off! What do you think?


Hope you all had a terrific holiday! We sure did. We celebrate Christmas at our house. And boy, what celebrating we did!


On Friday and Saturday we had cleaning and shopping to do. Then on Sunday morning, we cooked a bit and waited until Auntie V arrived. She got here about Noon, and we were both so glad to see her! We slobbered her good!


Then we settled down and what did I do? You guessed it, I laid right down in front of Auntie V for my rubdown. And she obliged! Good girl Auntie V, you get a treat!


That night we watched a moved - Winged Migration; and BTW, if you haven't seen this movie Gracie and I highly recommend it. It's like an entertaining documentary on bird migrations all over the world. Gracie sat watching those birds through practically the entire movie! She loved it!


The next morning Mom and Auntie V took off to go see Mom's Mom. Then they were back in about four hours or so. So when they got back we slobbered all over them. Then we had brunch and opened presents. It was very exciting! I had a hard time containing myself. But I managed for a few photos:


Here we are just before opening our presents! Ahhhhh, Mom, it's cruel to do this to us!



Then we got to open our cool presents! Sometimes the paper the presents come in is just as fun as the presents, themselves!




We got treats, cookies, cool bandanas, winter coats, and some really neat toys. Auntie V even got us a car window air temp regulator to help keep our car cool when we go to agility trials, thanks Auntie V for all the neat stuff. And thanks Mom, we love our cool presents.


This is one of my favorite toys! We played for those new toys for hours!



Then we cleaned up and Mom took this shot of us with our new bandanas!



After the presents, we had Christmas dinner and then watched another movie -- "Dreamer". Auntie V is from Kentucky Horse country, so that was a fun movie for all of us to see.


After that, I was beat! Had to take a break from all the excitement. Have to be fresh and alert tomorrow. I GET MY CAST OFF!!!!! What a fun few days we had.



Week 3 - Oh, I've just about had it! What's up with the 'pecking order' thing, anyway. I want to be fed first! Instead I take a back seat to two cats; yep you heard me, two cats! Mom says it's supposed to help me respect them. I already respect Wiggy, he scratched me, ouch! But Wolfie? And he's the alpha? Doggone it, I don't think it's fair, just because he was here first. But I guess life isn't fair. At least Mom can feed all of us in about 5 minutes. Otherwise, I may just have to take over.



Mom and I worked on our Holiday Card and sent it out this week with a little video. Hope you like it!







With all the holiday activity, I get pretty beat. My favorite way to sleep is in the S curve, probably just like you. Mom let me nap on the couch one day, ahhhhhhhh!!!!!





Mom and Gracie had training yesterday. It was very muddy on the course, and a bit difficult for both of them to get through the it. Mom ended up pulling a muscle in her leg, and could only do short sequences with Gracie the rest of the hour. But Mom's better all ready and practically back to normal. She's got to be in top shape for when I come back to training, that's all I've got to say!


Gracie did well, Mom said. She didn't run away from Mom one single time, and came when Mom called her every time! Wow, what a different dog from a couple of weeks ago. Their modified ruff love program has REALLY paid off.


After seeing it in action, I totally recommend it. Mom did it with me when I was younger and wilder. Gracie also seems like a much happier dog. She wonders where Mom is when she leaves the room, follows her around and wags her tail a LOT when Mom comes around. Just like me! They have a much better relationship now. It's kind of amazing to see. I'm happy for them both. Now Gracie can enjoy much more in life. Knowing her boundaries, helps her understand life much better. Way to go you guys!


Only five more days and I get my cast off! I'm so excited! What a great Christmas present that will be!


Did you know that six weeks of a dogs life (the time I've had my cast on) is nearly the equivalent of 1 year of a humans life? What the heck would it be like to have a cast on for one year?


Did you ever wonder why a dog has such a sense of urgency? I think it's because our life is shorter than a humans. If we have to wait to go out to pee for just 10 minutes, that could be nearly a day to a human, YIKES! Something to think about, huh? Ha!!!


Since I'm on hiatus, Gracie has been in full force training mode. Check out her latest training video!






Well, well, well -- who would have ever thunk it! I'm the Time Person of the Year! Yep, that's right, you heard me!




Time Magazine announced it's Person of the Year last Wednesday. And chances are you may be the Person of the Year too!


Read all about it here!



Gracie had training today, while I had to waited in the car. Sniff, sniff! But it was good to see her having fun. She got a real urge to visit with her classmates for the first two runs. But then she really focused on Mom on her last four runs. Yippee! We'll have some video soon to show.

Then Trainer J asked Mom to continue with a couple of the other beginners in the class. So Mom got to train a bit today! She had a blast helping out the newbies. They worked on weaves and a jump chute. And did really well.

After Mom was done training, she took me out to visit with everyone. And she let me go into the tunnel a couple of times. I was so psyched! Thanks Mom. Fun day!


Week 2 - Had another check up with my Ortho today. My cast had turned a bit, so I needed a re-bandage. My Ortho says that I have to keep the cast on for two more weeks. So it comes off two days after Christmas!

I'm getting pretty psyched! Can't wait. Was hoping that it would be off for Christmas, but they wrapped it in a nice green so I guess I'll be OK with that.

After the hard cast comes off, I'll get a soft cast for a week or two. Then if all goes well, I'll be cleared for TAKE OFF! Yep, I'll be able to go back to training. Gotta take it low (jump height, that is) for a while, but the Ortho says I should be raring to go soon after the soft cast comes off.

Mom is sure happy. She really misses running me in agility! But she has been working a lot with Gracie to try and get her ready for Spring trialing.

Happy Holidays if I don't talk with ya!


On Thursday Mom took Gracie to training class. You may remember that last week her training session was pretty much a disaster. She acted up, ran around like a mad woman, and totally disregarded most all things Mom asked her to do.


So Mom came up with a program to help her gain her focus. She needs that, 'cause you know when dogs don't have focus (or a job to do) they can get pretty destructive and unhappy. That's one of the reasons Mom got me into agility in the first place, I needed a job. And it's exactly why Gracie needs agility, besides the fact that she absolutely loves it!


Well, I had to watch Mom and Gracie work through this program for a week. Gracie worked for her food (which she loved doing by the way), and they worked real hard on comes and stays. The stays were great, the comes, not so great.  They even worked a bit with agility jumps in the back yard, with front and rear crosses. (Man, was I jealous!).


But the time they spent really paid off. Gracie was awesome at training this week. She only ran off two times during the entire hour. She listened to Mom and ran her little tooshie off in the ring.


I have to say that I was pretty proud of those two. Just goes to show you that hard work can really pay off. (BTW, when we call it work, we don't mean WORK! We mean fun work! 'Cause us May's love our work, always have.)


Gracie and Mom will have to keep up the program for a while. It's just helping Gracie know who is boss in the house. Since she grew up pretty wild (at the hoarders) it's just taking her time to understand the order of the pack. Our pack!!!



Been kind of quiet around here since I haven't had training. I'm resting a lot, and Mom is working with me on small stuff, like sending me to my mat and bed. Just small stuff, but stuff that will be beneficial in our trialing.


We have been busy on the computer though. Mom and I have been working up some pages for Me, so I can meet more buds around the world. Check this out! You can visit us on any of these sites now -- just click on them to bring up the page.










Check out my lens









Soon you will also be able to view our blog on Blogger. Oh, you will be able to see it here too, but we thought it was about time we joined the rest of the blogging world and join Blogger. So on January 1, 2007, my blog will have a new look and you'll be able to leave comments. We're kind of excited!


We also started a new Squidoo lens. For those of you who don't know about, it's a great site that has all kinds of pages (or lenses) with great information, written by experts in their field. Well I'm not exactly an expert in agility, but I'm an expert in getting started in agility. So I put together a Lens on Dog Agility. You can visit it here:



If you stop by any of these sites to visit, be sure and say hi! We'd love to hear from you.


Hope you have a great weekend and week!


Week 1 - Our local newspaper, the Carmel Topics, wrote up a mention of my website featured in The Bark Magazine today. Very cool. Check it out here!



I so miss agility training. Mom took Gracie today and left me at home. She told me when they both got home that  the session was kind of a disaster. Gracie so misbehaves, running off and do whatever she darn well pleases. She is such a free spirit, which we both admire; she takes everything in stride. But she is so bad about not doing what Mom wants her to do, when asked. So Trainer J and Mom decided she needs a more disciplined training approach. So Mom is putting a program together for Gracie for the next 4-6 weeks, loosely based on Susan Garrett's book "Ruff Love."


I hope it helps Gracie. 'Cause I know, if you do agility, you really gotta pay attention to Mom. At least if you want to do it right, BOL!


Mom told me she really misses running me. I miss it too Mom! Can't wait to be back in action with ya!


I had my cast (and myself) checked out yesterday. Since Saturday, after I had my cast re-bandaged, I had been very lethargic, laying around all the time, and I wouldn't even get up and go to the back door when Mom went out.

My Ortho says that the bandage was too tight and that's why I hurt. So he fixed me right up. He also took another x-ray to check the healing of my bone, and says I am healing nicely. I go back in two weeks to get another re-bandage and then another x-ray. And he thinks I may only have two-three weeks with this cast, and then he'll put on a soft cast after that.

I am tired from being at the Dr's., but feel much better! Thanks for all your good wishes.



Yesterday I got my cast fixed and now I'm not feeling so good. I've laid around all day, which concerns Mom. I was even so still at times that she had to check and see if I was breathing! I was, whew!!!!


So tomorrow, Mom has lined me up to see my Ortho again. Just to be sure that everything is OK. I'll keep you posted!




This is so cool! We are a Dogster Daily Diary Pic! How cool is that! We are so honored to be among all you Dogster bloggers. Thanks Dogster!


Check it out here!



Take this peg leg off of me! I don't want it anymore! It itches like crazy!

Mom and Gracie and I were out in the yard this weekend. After all the wind we got another ton of leaves in our yard. So Mom was raking away. She went in the front yard, and I and Gracie stayed in the back. We weren't doing anything that we hadn't done in the past week, I swear!

But when Mom checked on me, my cast had completely turned around in my bandage. I have to say it looked pretty weird, like I had broken my leg now or something. My leg was bending the WRONG WAY! What the......????

So Mom rushed me over to the emergency room, AGAIN!!!! And they took the cast off and repositioned it. And not only that I have to go back a week from Monday and do it all over again with an x-ray too!

Mom and I are just sick of all this. And it makes us edgy. Gracie walks up to me and I snap at her, Wiggy too. And then Mom has to get order. It's really getting out of hand. I'm tired of being injured.....make it go away!!!

Well, thanks for letting me vent! Maybe I'll get some rest and it will be better. Going to take a nap now!


November 2006


Week 4 - Got an email today from one of my buds, Eileen Newsome. She has a great DVD out "Good Dog Massage DVD"  The Good Dog Massage DVD takes you through the ABCs of at-home canine massage, step by step, beginning with gentle soothing massage and concluding with the advanced warm-up sports massage. You can learn techniques that will help enhance mobility, increase vitality and calm your dog’s temperament. 46 minutes, 2005 DVD Price: $24.95. Hmmm, wonder if Auntie V has seen this! Click below to check it out.


Good Dog Massage DVD ....
DVD by Eileen T. Newsome, LMT, NCBTMB


The Monday after we got back from Thanksgiving, I had another appointment with my Orthopedic Surgeon. He just wants to check on my cast and see if it's still placed well. That morning I got the zoomies in the backyard with Gracie and my protective bootie (for the cast) came off, so I got my cast pretty dirty. The surgeon looked me over and talked with Mom about how I was doing. She told him I'm doing well, it's her that's all messed up. But he's a dog doc and couldn't really help her. Too bad!


Well, I needed to have my cast rebandaged and checked out. So they took it off, cut my nails. The surgeon grinded down my cast a bit to get off the rough edges; and they bandaged me back up -- It's blue now!!! Yeah!!!


When they took it off there was no irritation on my skin; that was real good news. Dr. S thinks I'm healing up quite nicely, and says the cast didn't move at all over the past two weeks, which means I've been good! I did lose a lb., so Mom and I are going to work on that. I go back in two more weeks for an update x-ray to see if it's healing well, then probably a couple more weeks on the cast and I may have this sucker off by Christmas! That would be so cool!


Mom is going to take me to my regular vet in a couple of weeks and start me on Chiropractic and Acupuncture treatments; to help with my healing and muscle soreness. That should feel real good!


Been a pretty busy week. Mom took Gracie to training class on Tuesday. It was really hard for her, she had a bit of a melt down. Guess helping me and getting me taken care of and then not being able to run me in agility, really got to her. But she's going to be just fine, 'cause that's my Mom!!!! She's pretty tough. Just ask me!


Then on Thursday, which was THANKSGIVING, we drove down to see Auntie V for a few days. I was really looking forward to it, because Auntie V gives the best massages ever!!!!! And what did I get when I first got there? Oh, yeah....a massage....



Then it was time for Thanksgiving Dinner. Mom and Auntie V had just about the same meal as we did. Vegetables and Chicken. Wow was that Chicken great! No photo, cause it was gone before the camera got out. But after, well Gracie had to have the obligatory nap....



And boy what a nap she had. I was so bored that I had to take a rest....



Then we discovered something out the window, just couldn't believe our eyes! We saw them the last time we were there, but not like this! Squirrels, Squirrels, and more we took patrol in advantageous positions....Gracie at the back door....



Me at the front door....



We thought we had them cornered, but Gracie's got away, so she joined me in the hunt at the front door.....



Then we were exhausted, running back and forth.....barking like mad! So we rested again. Gracie took he couch....



And I got another massage....yummy!.....



We had a great time. Auntie V is so kind to let us come visit. She's allergic to dogs you know...but it sure doesn't keep her from loving on us. Mom got some rest too and we headed home after a couple of days. What a fun time to spend with loved ones.


Week 3 - Had my visit with the orthopedic surgeon today. And we have good news. The break in my paw isn't so bad that I have to have surgery for a pin to be inserted, yeah! And there is just a small amount of strain in the tendon of my wrist, no tearing, so that's great news too!


I have a new brace since they had to reposition it for optimum healing and less stress on the surrounding tendons, and it is the coolest brace you have ever seen! See......



I have to wear the brace for about 6-8 weeks with check ups every 10-12 days to make sure it stays in place. Then I'll graduate to a soft but sturdy brace, then a softer and softer one until I'm totally off the bandaging. Helps my muscles build back up gradually. Sounds like a great plan!


The surgeon also said that the only way I could have gotten this type of injury was if I got my toe caught in something, because there aren't really any other injuries surrounding the break. Mom so wishes I could tell her for sure.


After the bandages are completely off, then its a few weeks of rehab, then I should be back in action with my agility - taking it slow of course. So that means I may be competing again by Spring! Yeah! That makes Mom and I both real happy.


Also the folks at Dog Dayz called today to see how I was doing. They feel horrible about what happened and really can't figure out exactly how it happened. They particularly feel bad because they didn't try harder to contact Mom or Mom's emergency contacts when the injury occurred and will work harder at that in the future. And they said they would help pay for some of the cost of my getting well. That made Mom very happy.

Edit: Well it turned out that the folks at Dog Dayz Playhouse and Retreat didn't want to own up to not taking care of me when I got a broken foot at their facility. Mum ended up calling eight attornies to consult with them about how we may have to deal with the owners of the facility. After consulting with the eight attorney, Mum decided to report Dog Dayz Playhouse and Retreat to the better business bureau and to the attorney general of Indiana. Just a few days after the owner of Dog Dayz was notified of our complaints we got a call from their insurance company saying they wanted to settle the complaint with us. After having to deal with the owner and manager Brian Cottrell for several months and listening to him yell at Mum, it was finally good to deal with someone civil. We requested that they pay for all the costs for my recovery above and beyond what my insurance paid and also requested a $100 donation to the shelter that rescued me - the Southside Animal Shelter of Indiana - in my name.

We received the funds from the insurance company a week or so later, but never received the check for the donation. So we followed up and it seems that Dog Dayz had sent the donation directly to the shelter and put it in their name. Sheesh! We called the nice folks at our shelter and told them how the donatio should be correctly applied and the entire story about how they received it. They were very grateful for us to help them so that they could help more dogs just like me.

We are so glad the entire ordeal is over and that I'm back running agility and having fun again. It took a lot of effort for Mum to fit for me, but she was determined that the folks at Dog Dayz Playhouse and Retreat own up to the fact that they didn't follow their emergency procedures and taken responsibility for me being in massive pain for over 20 hours without notifying my Mum or any of my emergency contacts. We hope that they learned a good lesson and that this doesn't happen to anyone else!



When we went in last week for our shots for the day care Gracie had her urine checked. She's been eating and eating and hasn't gained any weight. And Mom has been a bit concerned.


So the Doc said to check her pee and poo. Well turns out she has crystals in her urine -- the kind that come from being too acidic. So she has to take urinary supplements and needs to be on different food.


Mom and Dr. T talked at length about food choices, since if she changes Gracie, she'll change both of us and it's a big decision. They decided it would be a good idea to, of course, keep us on the best food available, but to also change it 3-4 times per year. That way we will get a wide range of nutrition throughout our life and reduce the likeliness that we will ever become deficient in anything that would bring about illness. Hey I'm cool with that -- we get different food! Yeah!


So we're keeping a close eye on Gracie through this. But she should be just fine with some tweaking. But she is always hungry!! See.....



After she's done eating, she'll sit at her bowl and hope for more!



Well what started out to be a really fun weekend at Dog Dayz Playhouse and Retreat, turned into a disaster. Mom had to go out of town on business and had to leave us for the first time in our whole lives with someone else. So she booked us a weekend at Dog Dayz Day Camp. We were so excited when we arrived. Here I am arriving at the kennel...



I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself. Then Gracie and I got to check out our really cool room. It even had a TV mounted up high for us to watch Animal Planet! Way cool!



And those folks at Dog Dayz missed me so much they kept a picture up of me in their lobby! Wow!



Well, then Mom took off and flew to Las Vegas for business. We missed her but she checked in on us from time to time. She called on Sunday and they told her that we were eating and playing and having a good time. They even said that I was playing well with others -- that made Mom really happy.


Then she called the next morning and they said we were still doing just fine, having the time of our lives!


So she flew home after her work, and got in real late, about 1:00 AM and she slept a little. She got up early to drive over to pick us up. She told me she was so excited to see us, she just couldn't sleep in. When she arrived, she paid for our visit and then the person at the counter said to her, "did you get my message?"


Mom said no, that her cell phone didn't alert her to a message. Well the receptionist said I was injured. She told Mom that sometime when I was in the play room the day before about 10 or so AM, I yelped and the attendant turned around and I was limping. But they didn't see what happened to me. They called Mom on her cell phone around 11:00 AM, but Mom was in a meeting and her phone didn't ring. And she didn't have any messages.


The Dog Dayz folks didn't try to call Mom again, and they didn't call the emergency numbers that Mom had left with them in case something happened. So Mom didn't find out anything was wrong until she was there to pick us up the next morning. She got kind of scared and wanted to see me right away. They took her back to us and I was only walking on three legs. I wouldn't put any weight on my left front leg or paw. Mom asked them why they didn't seek emergency procedures; because I was obviously hurt. They said they didn't think it was that serious. What the heck?????? I couldn't walk!


So Mom rushed me to the emergency room, and they checked me out after a long wait. I got x-rays and what did I have?



A broken bone in my paw. Mom and I couldn't believe it. No wonder I couldn't walk on my paw. It hurt!!!!! And it had been hurting real bad for nearly 20 hours. So they bandaged me up, see....and gave me some pain medication. They told Mom that they have only seen this type of injury caused by a couple of things....either I got my paw caught in something and twisted it real bad, or someone stepped on my foot. Curious......



Mom wanted to be as certain as possible that I was getting the best care to heal up my paw, so we had a follow up visit with our vet that same afternoon. Mom and Dr. A talked for almost an hour and decided it would be best to get the opinion of an orthopedic surgeon. We all want my paw to heal the best way it can so I can continue to do agility at my usual 100%. So I have an appointment this afternoon to see if I will need a pin inserted in my paw or not.


Needless to say it's been an ordeal. Mom is pretty upset about the whole thing -- the fact that I didn't get care for nearly 20 hours; the fact that the folks at Dog Dayz didn't try a second time to get in contact with Mom; the fact they didn't try to call my friend and trainer that were listed as emergency contacts; and the fact that I hurt, and can't run and play like I love to do; and the fact that we won't be able to do our absolute favorite thing in the world -- agility -- for quite a few months. It's going to be a long road back...but I've got my Mom, Gracie, Wolfie, Wiggy, and my great Friends to see me through.


We'll keep you posted and wish us well, --K?


Week 2 - Had my annual check up today and got a couple of shots. I was really nervous going inside the office (shaking a lot!). But I was a good boy and settled down, after Mom gave me all kinds of treats. You rock Mom!


First Gracie weighed in, then I weighed you think we are welter, middle, or heavyweights?




Then it was into the exam room, yikes! I got checked over real good, 'cause it was my annual exam. She looked at my eyes, ears, stuck something up my butt -- wooo!, the started poking me all over. But it wasn't too bad. The best part? I got a chiropractic adjustment. Love those! My shoulder let out a big pop! Ahhhh.....



Then it was time for the eye we are after we passed!



Gracie is so relieved she past her first eye test. See the chart on the wall? We had to bark once for one bone, twice for two bones, kind of loud in there! BOL!


But we are in really fine shape, yippee! All samples, A-OK.




Oh my, what a day we have had. First of all I am very proud to announce that I am now an official member of the Amazing Canine Road Trip. The ACRT is a posse of pups who met though MySpace. They travel from location to location visiting each of the posse members, learning about the area and participating in bunches of fun activities.


You can read about the beginnings of the Amazing Canine Road Trip here!


Well, lucky me! I'm now a member of the posse, see?



And today was a very special day, because they came to the great State of Indiana! Yep, that's right; we got to visit the Indy Motor Speedway, Indiana Dunes State Park, Wyandotte Caves, shopped in Nashville, hear the Wolves howl at the Wolf Park; and much, much more!


Read and see about all of our adventures here!


And a really neat thing, is the posse made this great photo of me! Like it?



Thanks Pieces and Kodie -- great to be your new friend!


Week 1 - Woo Hoo! We got to train at the barn today. Man I just love that place - sandy dirt, just like at a beach; I can run and stir up lots of dirt; and I can really get a grip on my weaves; and run super fast. I just had a blast and Mom did too.


It was Gracie's first time in the barn, boy did she want to smell everything! Needless to say she was really unfocused on Mom in the beginning but came around after awhile. She did a great job today. We learned that her favorite obstacle is the A-Frame, guess she likes to rise above it all! You go girl.


And on Saturday, we're going to take care of Trainer J's sheep, OH, can't wait to get my eyes on those sheep again. And the smell, hope it rains!


October 2006


Week 4 - We had a great time this past weekend. Gracie and I went to the Jay Davis Memorial Disc Dog-a-thon to watch our friends compete and had a blast!


We got to see the Davis clan -- including Mom Kristie, and 'fur' kids Sadie, Brindi, Darby and Cosmo. Cosmo is one of my best buds, she came to visit us when we were working with Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue to find me a new sister/brother.


We got to see Kristie and Darby compete, and they ended up 2nd place in the Team Time Trials - Way to go you guys! Here is a photo:



Cosmo and I got to get reacquainted. We hadn't seen each other since Spring. And boy did we have to get reacquainted! I had to nip at that feisty girl; then she had to bark back at me. But Mom walked the two of us together for a while, and before you know it we were play wrestling like we had been doing it for years.


After we settled down we got these shots of us - one serious, one fun:




I know, I know -- we look a lot alike. We get that a lot!!!


Gracie had a blast too, she got to meet a lot of new people and so did I here's some more shots:




That's Gracie with Kristie; Me, Mom and Gracie, and Me with my friend Mary Jo.



Mom says tomorrow is going to be fun, we're going to a Halloween Party at Pawsitive Partners Dog Training Center. And we get to run agility! Yippee! I'll report later in the week.....


Week 3 - Guess what? I'm entered in the Dogster World's Coolest Dog Show - very fitting for a dog that sells cool dog stuff - don't you think?


Need your votes!!!! Click below to vote for me!



And don't forget to vote for Gracie, Wolfie and Wiggy!



Mom and I stopped by our former haunt -- Dog Dayz Playhouse & Retreat - you may remember it's on my "I Dig" list!

Mom wants to sign up Gracie for a training class sometime in the next month; so we stopped by to talk with them. And who did we see? Gabi - HeadDog at Dog Dayz. Here's a photo of Gabi with her Dad.



Gabi looks fabulous. And she's one lucky dog! About a year ago she was diagnosed with cancer. In the next month she had surgery and radiation to combat her illness -- and through it all she was a trooper. Well, now she is doing extremely well, a little grey around the muzzle, but I think it makes her look very nice. Gabi must be one of the hardest working dogs I know -- greeting all the dogs that visit Dog Dayz. And it was terrific to see her come up and greet us today. You go Gabi!


Click here to read read more about Gabi and all that she went through!


And you know what else? Gabi and her dad have hooked up with a great organization, Pet4Pets is selling really cool collars that help raise funds to support pet cancer research. And they are a really cool orange, my favorite color!


Sales of Pet4Pets collars support the Animal Cancer Foundation (ACF), an organization that helps fund new research in advanced and novel therapies for cancer in companion animals.


To get your collar click here!




Wow, I'm the featured dog on daily newsletter! Cool! has over 5,000 unique subscribers to their email newsletter and is growing! They deliver daily "bones" to readers via email in a tasty, engaging and drool-worthy manner. Check it out!



Johann, aka JoJo

Owner: Leslie
Doggy: Johann, aka JoJo
Doggy's Age: 2 Years
Breed: Bi-Black Shetland Sheepdog
Hometown: Carmel, IN

1) How do you like to unwind?
Roll around on my back and make snorting noises, then nap on my Mom's bed.

2) What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?
A mouse, eek!

3) Who do you most admire and why?
My Mom, she rescued me!

4) Describe your ultimate day.
Running in an agility trial, getting first place, and then going home for a nice raw bone, a short nap, and a good chase with my sister Gracie in the yard.

5) What's your motto for life?
It's a perfect day!

6) Describe your personal fashion sense.

7) What's your beauty secret?
Plenty of exercise, whole foods, water and an occasional bath in Buddy Wash.



Fun thing happened to me at the trial this weekend. Someone came up and asked my Mom if I was Johann. Mom said yeah! But didn't know this nice lady, and thought she had heard about us from a friend at the trial.


But no -- she said that she had searched on the Internet one day and found my website. And was so surprised to see us at the trial this weekend; not sure she could believe it was really me, but she said she recognized me from my pictures.


That is so cool -- I'm a bit of a celebrity! What fun! She was really nice and gave me a good neck scratch. It's so great to meet new friends and fans!

Hope she gives me a bark someday soon.




Wow are we tired! Had the USDAA Quantum/K9Athletes trial this past weekend. Had a lot of ups and downs, some successes, and boy did we have fun!


On Friday we had five runs. We really wanted to get our Advanced Standard Q's and Standard was run of our first runs. We did great through the entire course, but I dropped a bar on the final jump, Aaaahhhh! Well it was not to be, but Mom was very happy with my run. After that, we got our last Advanced Snookers Q, so we got our Advanced Snooker title, yeah! And we did great in our Adv. Gamblers run, made the gamble with no problem at all, but the buzzer sounded just as I was going over the jump -- another Aaaahhhh! It's OK though, because we are so not ready to go into Masters Gamblers!


Had our first run in Masters Jumpers, did pretty well, but were a few seconds over course time, so no Q there.


It was incredibly windy on Friday, and I got kind of freaked out in one of the rings, so I was kind of freaked out in that ring all weekend. But Mom did her best to give me some confidence, we continued to run in the other rings which helped, but I still didn't feel confidence in that other ring.


Saturday was a pretty good day. We got our Advanced Pairs title, yeah! - with one last Q in that class. Did our Adv. Standard run and despite the fact that I landed chin first on the table we Q'd. Mom was proud of me for bucking it up!


Then we had our second Masters Jumpers run. We were doing really, really well -- I was super fast and the run was terrific. But Mom did her final front cross after the second to the last jump and missed her spot, she ended up just inches in front of the final jump, yikes! She had so much forward momentum going that she was going to trash the jump, WHAT? So she saved us all and jumped the jump with me! That was kind of fun -- and the crowd just roared! We were the comedy for the day. Way to go Mom! Even the judge said she was laughing so hard, that she hard a difficult time judging the next run! She thought Mom was fun and so do I! According to our time, we would have gotten third place, even to a national USDAA champion dog in our class! Yippee!


On Sunday we had a pretty great day. Got another Snooker Q, even though we didn't need it, so we worked on speed and flow -- that was the most Mom had run in any run we've ever done. She was so winded! But we did really well and got 45 points! We even were one third through the weaves (the final obstacle) before the final buzzer sounded. And we got in four reds this time, so Mom was psychied.


We were getting ready for our standard run on Sunday and they said we were next. Then the ring manager changed the running order, just as we were going out for our run. Sometimes they do that to accommodate the Masters folks that are running in our class. But we thought that was so unfair! We were just stepping out to run! At least they could have given us some warning. So Mom put me back in the car to rest, while she figured out when we were going to run. I was so mixed up! What was going on? We'll consequently I was totally unfocused in the ring when we did get to run and I had a real hard time concentrating, so Mom took me off the course. It just wasn't meant to be. Even others said that was so unfair to treat us that way. Next time Mom is going to really speak up! You go Mom!


We were able to redeem ourselves later that day in our third Masters Jumpers run. We did really well. It was a very open flowing course, and that's my absolute favorite -- I get to work away from Mom a bit, and we run like the wind. I think Mom was running faster than she's ever run before -- just for me! We Q'd, Yeah! And were only 5 seconds from the 1st place finisher. We have great potential -- especially in jumpers. And I'm still just 2 years old!


Overall it was a fun weekend. Probably our last trial until Spring. That's sad, but we always have training, and we want to work on speed more and tightening our jumps, etc. So this will be great to have the time to work on that this winter.


Mom - I just want to tell you, thanks for getting me involved in agility. I have a blast running with ya! And I think we did great for our first season. Imagine -- we've made it to the top levels in AKC, got our first DQ, have 46 MACH points to start in with next year. We've started in Masters Jumpers in USDAA, are ready now for Masters Pairs and Snooker; and we've blasted through the Starters and Advanced titles. I just can't wait until Spring! Thanks again, Mom -- I love ya!


Week 2 - Trial this past weekend. Fun times! We had some bobbles though. There happened to be something in the tunnel that was drawing a lot of the dogs as we made our way through the courses on Saturday. Well -- I found something really great in there during my first standard run and was chomping on may way out! Mom was like -- WHAT???? Oh well, got a good snack out of it and went on for a pretty darn good run. Just got a little crazy going to the table and jumped off. But we ran pretty fast.


During my afternoon Jumpers run, I really thought there was something still in that tunnel, so I took a major off course right for it -- totally ignored Mom. Well I had to pay the consequences -- she took me right off the course and I didn't even get to finish! WHAT??? Well learned my lesson.


Had a couple of pretty good runs on Sunday -- just knocked some bars during standard, but we Q'd in Jumpers with a fourth place. Not too bad for our second Exec B weekend.


Got the big USDAA trial this coming weekend. Can't wait! Have 5 runs Friday, 3 Saturday and 4 on Sunday. We'll be busy!


Had training today -- I was Rocket Dog² (that's means super fast for me). Mom just wasn't prepared -- so she messed up pretty bad, but I did great! Followed her completely. Worked on a couple of gambles, and did pretty well. Some bobbles, but would rather have them in training than out on the course this weekend.


Gracie did great -- she did her first full jumpers course, missed a couple of jumps, but started working away from Mom -- that's cool. And she did some standard run drills -- nice work Gracie! Think you'll be ready for Spring trialing?


Had a nice surprise in the mail when we got home. Our friends at Affordable Agility (we are one of their affiliate companies and resell their product on our site), sent us some stick in the ground weave poles! Very, Very cool! Gracie really needs them and we were so pleased to get them. They sent them to us because we have a surprise coming up!


The Bark Magazine called Mom and interview us for an article they are doing for the November/December issue on dog specialty stores. So we're going to be in the article. And they wanted photos of some of the agility equipment that we offer through Affordable Agility -- so we worked with those nice folks there to get the photos to the magazine. We also sent along a couple of photos of moi! Just in case. Hope they make it in -- and we can't wait to see the article! Thanks -- Bark Magazine! You guys rock!


And by the way they a have a couple of great books out -- check 'em all out!


Bark Magazine



Rex and the City: A Woman, a Man, and a Dysfunctional Dog



Dog Is My Co-Pilot: Great Writers on the World's Oldest Friendship




Week 1 -  Mom's been helping me put together a MySpace and Dogster page. What fun is that to be able to network with all kinds of buds around the world! Check out the page -- and say hi there if you get a chance! And don't forget to add us!




Hey did you all know about Its cool. You can search on the Internet and earn money for your favorite charity! We chose the Southside Animal Shelter - since that's where I came from! But you can choose your favorite charity too! Here's a link -- try it out!


GoodSearch animal banner


Hi Ho! We are on cloud nine, again! Had the Terre Haute Kennel Club AKC Agility Trial this weekend. What a rush! It was our first time in Exec B, the highest level of AKC Agility. Didn't know exactly what to expect after our so-so showing at the USDAA Trial in Grove City; and our great showing at the AKC trial in Corydon a few weeks back.


First run on Saturday was fast, but I got a bit distracted and pulled my weaves. Woopsie! But Mom was happy that I was fast -- again.  We got a lot of congrats from the crowd on that one. Second run was Standard; and we got a Q and third place. Wow! That was so cool. And I wasn't even as fast as usual on a couple of obstacles. (That's me coming out of the tunnel this weekend!)



Sunday was even better; we had our Standard run first -- ran clean and ran fast! We got a 2nd place finish. There was one section of the course where I almost went off course about 15 feet away from Mom, but she turned sharply, so I turned sharply and just got the jump in. Whew! Close call.


Then we had JWW; Mom experimented with a two jump lead out to see if I would be faster if she ran with me or with a lead out.  Trainer J says I'm faster if I run with Mom, after she saw us run. We sacrificed a bit of time, but it's early in our Exec B game, and we just wanted to give it a go. We still had a fabulous time, but ended up one half a second from 4th place. There was only about 2 seconds between the 1st through 5th dogs; so we felt great about our performance; and great to be among the fast dogs.


The best part? Well second best part; was that we racked up 43 Mach points and got our first Double Q. And our Yard Per Second (YPS) increased about a full second on all our runs from previous Excellent runs. Not a bad showing for our first time in Exec B.


And the best part? Being with our friends -- especially Willow, her Mom and her new brother Simba -- they haven't been able to trial with us all summer. And we got to sit with Trainer J and talk about runs and handling techniques and get ideas on what we need to work on. And we got to see some great old friends. That was the very best part!


After Mom had to work so much last week, it sure was great to get out and be with her all day, run agility, and just be a dog. Thanks Mom for a great weekend! We're beat!


September 2006


Week 3 - Ha! -- Look what I helped Mom make. I wear many hats!


Hi all! The nice folks at, sent us a couple of real cool new dog toys that they make to test them out! The are called U.K.O's - Unidentified Knotted Objects. The cool part is when you purchase a toy a portion of the proceeds go to rescues and shelters.


They are so cool. We play with the blue and red one pretty often, although Mom likes to take it away from us before we chew it to death -- she says it's for tugging!


Here are a few photos from our testing:



What I like most is the cloth part, rubber just isn't my thing. But Gracie? She loves the rubber part. So makes for a great game! She takes the rubber, I take the cloth and we go at it! And it stretches like crazy! Makes for more fun for us and saves Mom's arms - she likes that.


If you get a chance check them out here! And don't forget to mention Johann sent ya -- and tell them what shelter/rescue you want to support! Or mention the Southside Animal Shelter in Indianapolis, that's where I came from!




Wiggy and I were having some fun the other day -- Wiggy is my brother, the cat! This time of year the crickets like to make their way inside and boy does Wiggy love crickets - chasing them, torturing them to death and then eating them, they are good protein, you know. Mom likes it that the cats like bugs, rids the house of them. Here's a pic from the episode, the darn thing got under the armoire!





Poor Gracie. Mom gave her a bone (like she does for both of us about once a week). But this time Gracie ate the whole thing. What was she thinking. Well, of course, she got sick. She woke us up in the middle of the night and had to throw up and she got the big D. It went on all night, poor girl.


Mom didn't let her have any food for about 24 hours. She stopped throwing up and the big D subsided. And she is all back to normal in about 48 hours. Thank goodness! We were kind of worried. But she's back picking on me more than ever.


Mom had a meeting out of town today so was gone for about 5 hours. We rested -- which wasn't too bad. When she got home she took us for a long walk around the neighborhood -- and we got to go down to the pond. We saw, up very close, the great blue heron that comes by our pond frequently. Oh, man -- did I ever want to herd that! But I'm little, and it could have gotten the best of me! Ha!


Training tomorrow -- yeah!


Week 2 - Hey, how is everyone this great Friday morning! We are up and raring to go this morning. Gracie's been in the litter box three times already! Drives Mom nuts!


Looks like the weekend weather is supposed to be top notch! Mom says she has to catch up on cleaning and yard work since we've been gone the past two weekends. But that means spending time with Mom outside, which we both love! Maybe she will even take us for a long walk in the woods. We all love that. Very relaxing!


She also says that we need to work on our weaves and outs this weekend -- to get more ready for the USDAA trial coming up in a few weeks. We'd sure like to get better at gamblers. I'm really starting to love the independence of working away from Mom.


Had training yesterday -- another private lesson. It's great to have a private -- get lots of individual attention and great tips from Trainer J. I went first and did a standard run; had a bobble on a discrimination -- Mom just didn't get in the right position. I was fast, but I wasn't slow -- then we did the run a couple of more time -- worked pretty well together.


Then it was Gracie's turn -- she's really coming along. She did (for the first time) a perfect 2o2o on the dog walk. She took that dog walk like she'd been doing it for years; and when Mom gave her the command at the bottom, she did it! And she did it 2x's in a row -- so guess it's not exactly a fluke! Way to go Gracie!


She's still trying to read Mom's command with jumping, and she worked on the weaves and teeter -- did very well.


Then it was my turn again -- guess Trainer J thinks I was a little jealous, because I went a lot faster in the standard run again. And Mom did more crosses with me to tighten me up on the course. Now that we are in the upper levels of competition, saving seconds and fractions of seconds on the course is crucial. So we are working a lot on fast downs on the table, tightening up the turns, and faster weaves. It's so fun.


Mom was talking with Trainer J about how far we've come with agility this past year. It's been our first year of trialing and we are already in Excellent B in AKC and moving close to Masters in USDAA. I heard Mom say -- just think what he will be like in 2-3 years! Can't wait to see. But for now we're just taking it easy, enjoying learning (always!), and having fun. We'll be in the top levels for years to come and that suits us just fine.


Better go -- Mom's giving us a bone!


Been pretty darn quite around the house the last couple of days. I think Gracie and I are very tired from the past two weekends. It was just today (Wednesday) that we finally had a good chase around the yard. And Mom took us for a nice long walk -- we loved that! Especially since we get treats when we sit at the cross walks before crossing the street. She makes us every time!


Auntie V sent us some photos she took at the Corydon trial a couple of weekends ago! They are cool! Thanks Auntie V!




Hey, we're back from Ohio and the USDAA trial in Grove City. It was kind of a long trip, three hours in the car -- I need a massage! Wonder where Auntie V is!


We arrived Friday night and stayed in a hotel for the first time! It was so weird, I didn't know where I was and OH the smells in that hotel room. I think there were thousands and thousands of people that have been in that room and i can identify them all! Mom was really proud of us though -- we didn't get us all kicked out for barking or being loud or anything! And we didn't mess a bit.


Saturday I had three runs -- we ran indoors in a horse arena so it was packed dirt and very fun to run on. And the crating area where we stay between runs was air conditioned, that was really great! My first run was gamblers -- which looked pretty easy -- I was running fast and got two a frames, two dog walks and two tunnels in even before the buzzer sounded. But then Mom was in a bad position to direct me through the gamble and I didn't know what she wanted me to do -- so no Q.  We had our standard run -- Mom really wanted to get some Q's this weekend on standard because we only need three for our AAD title. But it was not to be.


The two rings were next to each other with the dog walks parallel to each other. When I went over the dog walk, I saw another dog going over the other dog walk the other way and I wanted to herd him. So what did I do? I flew off the middle of the dog walk and of course I didn't make it to the other ring and landed flat on my feet nearly 5 feet down. Mom gasped, the judge gasped, everyone gasped. But I got up like it was nothing and went back up on the dog walk. Mom was watching me closely and didn't see me in any discomfort; so we finished the run. And, wouldn't you know, I was fast and accurate the remainder of the run -- we may have Q'd if I wouldn't have taken my swan dive. Oh well. Mom was just happy I was OK!


The next run we ran in pairs with 13 year old Ms. Abigail. She was great fun to run with and her dog Brutus, a sheltie. We were good together -- got 1st place and a Q.


Saturday night we just hung around the hotel, called a couple of buds, took a couple of long walks, and we were dead to the world. What a long day!


Sunday we got up early, checked out of the hotel and headed or the arena for three more runs. We started with Jumpers -- which (before I was slow) was my absolute favorite. I was so fast -- Mom was in awe! We ran well and pretty dog gone fast! 1st through 3rd place had only 1 second between us. I was totally honored to get 1st place with that run. And it got us our Advanced Jumpers title, so now it's on to the highest (Masters) level, for jumpers. Yeah! Now the competition is really going to be tough.


After Jumpers we had our snooker run and I popped out of the weaves. Mom is still getting used to all the rules of the game and didn't put me back in the weaves, so we were eliminated. But I was fast again -- and she was really happy with that. We even got to run a bit after the whistle, so that I didn't even know we weren't done! That's one of Mom's tricks with me -- she doesn't want me to feel bad, just because she made a mistake.


We had one more standard run for the weekend. Mom really, really wanted this Q. But alas, it wasn't to be again. I made my weaves, but I was kind of slow in them (Mom let me 'cause she thought that I may be sore from my flying leap yesterday). Then we picked up speed to catch up time and I bailed my dog walk contact. Oh well -- I was having a blast out there! Mom knew I was having fun and my mistakes in reality were so minor, she was very pleased with the weekend.


Now we are home and Mom is going to give us our raw bone for being so good all weekend. Then I am sure my head is hitting the floor, very soon after.


Here are a few photos from our first hotel stay this past weekend. (Aren't hotel bedspreads just the worst colors? Someone should do something about that! And, Hey Mom, fix our eyes, will ya!)




Week 1 - Been kind of quiet around the house this week. Mom is working hard to pay for our agility! Ha! Had practice yesterday (Wednesday), and we did pretty well. Lately, I'm getting the urge to work away from Mom, which she loves. Now we have to work on handling that working away stuff. Which is cool with both of us.


We'll probably take a long walk today (for endurance training) and do a little gamble and weave practice to get ready for the USDAA Trial at BRAG in Grove City, OH this coming weekend. We'll have three runs per day which shouldn't be too taxing; and it's our first overnight in a hotel. That should be an adventure!




WOW, what a fun weekend I had! We went to Corydon, IN for a three day AKC trial and got to stay with our Auntie V! She rocks! We had so much fun at her house.


She has a certified Backyard Habitat; and boy did we have fun with that. Gracie and I saw our first squirrel, and got to try and get to all the birds. And we helped her by chasing a cat out of her yard. We had such a good time and she was so cool -- that she massaged me every night! Oh man! I was in doggie heaven. She has great fingers. Thanks V.W. Perry for this photo!


Saturday we had two runs JWW and Standard. Standard was my first run, and Mom said I was so fast she had to handle me like a border collie! Not sure what that means, but I heard her yell a lot of COME's! and HERE's to keep me on course. I was so fast coming from the start that I took a dog walk 20 some feet from Mom, it was the wrong course, but she was so happy I was fast that she didn't care and we continued to run the course. What a good time that was! Then we had our JWW run and I took the wrong entrance to the tunnel, but our run was pretty fast and so Mom was real happy with my performance.


Sunday and Monday (Labor Day) were totally different, I was fast, but in total control, and we ended up Q'ing in all our runs on Sunday and Monday. So we now have our AX and AXJ titles! Yeah!


And we got to see our friend Keesha get her MACH this weekend. Keesha and I were pairs partners at the last USDAA trial and we Q'd together.  It was great to see her do her MACH run -- she's a fast one!


Mom really didn't expect such a good showing, so she and I are on cloud nine. Got to keep that feeling for a while! So I guess the work on speed has helped a lot, and it didn't hurt that it was cool and cloudy out -- I love that kind of weather!


It was great to get home. Being on a leash for three days is really tough for me! I'm a herding breed you know! So when we got home I ran and ran and ran around the backyard -- barking all the way. It's my yard!


Pretty tired now -- got to get my beauty sleep -- wonder if Mom will massage me tonight!


Here are a couple of videos from the weekend -- the first one is our Standard Run on Sunday and the second is our Standard Run on Monday (Labor Day):



August 2006


Week 4 - Oh, Man! I've got the bid "D"! Diarrhea, that is! I really hate this. Some of you may know that I have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and get bouts of the big D very occasionally. But I've had it for a day and a half now.


You know what that means! Mom makes me skip a meal. WHAT! And then she feeds Wolfie, Wiggy and Gracie, without feeding me. WHAT! Secretly, I don't think that she likes it either. She tells me that we have to get over this by Friday for the big trial this weekend. And she promised me this evening I'll get my favorite, boiled chicken!


Well, I guess if that's the case I can stand it and wait. But she better keep her promise -- that's all I can say.


We had training -- Gracie and I -- on Tuesday this week. That was so fun! It was kind of drizzly out and I just love to run in the drizzle. I was so fast, Mom couldn't keep up with me and I bailed a couple of contacts. So we worked on that and we worked on faster weaves. I think our plan is working! Hope so.


Gracie did well at training too, she's kind of getting the hang of the weaves and is a bit hesitant on the teeter still; but she loves, loves, loves the other contacts. She bolts for the Frame and Dog Walk and races through the tunnel -- I bet she's a banker. That means that she banks the side of the tunnel as she runs through. Neat!


Trainer J thinks that Gracie may be ready for a trial come November. That's when she turns 15 months and will be eligible to compete. At least a CPE trial. That's cool!


Big AKC trial in Corydon, Indiana this coming Labor Day weekend. And we are going down there for three days. It's our first overnighter. We're staying with Mom's sister -- who I just love! She's fun! She's not a dog lover, but she says she likes Gracie and I because we are the best behaved dogs she has ever known! Huh? (Don't tell her we're not the best behaved, OK?)


We have a new friend staying with Wolfie and Wiggy, the kitties while we're gone. I hope they like her. This will be the first time we've left the kitties at home with someone they didn't know. I hope they are good; and don't get too lonely. I know our new friend will play with them -- probably more than we do! 'Cause Gracie and I aren't there to mess up their play. They should have fun!


So the next few days are preparing to get ready for our trip, and Mom working and a few walks in for keeping up our stamina.


We'll let you know how we did!




Well we didn't win the Awesome Dog Blog Award, but we came in tied for third! That's not too bad. And we got to meet a lot of new people! That was fun.


Hey I'm the featured dog on DoggieWire! Click the link to see and thanks DoggieWire!


And don't forget to vote for me for the Awesome Dog Blog Award at! See more info below. We'd love your vote!


I got a note from Pippin the fly ball dog!


Hi Johann, Thanks for visiting my blog--I think you might know (of) one of my people. She works with Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue and told you about a possible agility dog, but you'd already found Gracie. Glad you're in the dogosphere. I do agility, too, but I'm still learning and haven't started to compete yet. Ditto with flyball and herding. Pippin the flyball dog


Thanks for your note Pippin - Mom and I did talk with the folks at Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue, so glad you are playing a major part in that fabulous effort! Kristie and Cosmo are a couple of our best buds! Also, we featured GLBCR in my July newsletter. Someday, Mom still wants to get me a BC bud, but for now.... Hope to see you around the agility field someday soon.



Week 3 - I got an email from Opy today! What fun! He's with DogsWithBlogs and hails from Australia! He wanted to leave a comment on my Blog -- but we had to tell them that we have to post it. So, Mom put a nice button on my Blog page, so folks can send us a note or comment now! Thanks Opy for your nice note and the great suggestion!


From Opy:


Hey Johann,


Opy dropping buy to say a big "hello" ! Love your Blog - I read it all the time and like to fantasize that I could be an agility doggie, just like you ! But, have you seen me ? Hmmmm, I think I would need to lose a "few" pounds before I could be anywhere near as good as you :-) The closest I come to agility is pushing Charlie out of the way to get in the house first :-)


Congratulations on the "Q's" - and I hope you get the other three soon - wow, Master's Level - that is VERY impressive !


Don't forget to vote over at the Bone Zone, I hear you are in the running for the "Awesome Blog Award" - and a good choice too :-)


Better get back to some more Blogging - take it easy buddy !




Hey Opy -- Thanks for the note; and for wishing me luck with my agility, send me a photo sometime, I'd love to put it in my blog!



Believe it or not, there is a website devoted to dog blogs – yep, it’s true! And Johann’s Blog is up for an AWESOME DOG BLOG AWARD. But to win we need votes! Help us win, we'd sure appreciate it. Click on the link below and it will take you to the Dogs With Blogs message board, where you can vote for your favorite dog blog! – Oh, pick me! Pick me!


Here are the instructions:

1.                   Click on the link above

2.                  On the top menu, click on register – to vote you’ll have to register for the message board; but you’ll find some really fun stuff in there, if you do!

3.                  Complete the registration process, then log in

4.                  Then click on the ‘awesome blog award” post and vote for me!


The website is neat – there are flyball dogs; couch potatoes; hikers and bikers; dogs from New Zealand, England, Thailand, Japan, Australia, all over the US and more. We’ve become quite a little group.


Mom was telling me a story the other night when we were just relaxing, she said -- "JoJo,(that's my latest nickname) there comes a moment in every dog and humans life, one first special moment, that you realize that you mean something to them. I remember the first time it happened with you; and now it's happened with Gracie."


"When it happened with you, you had been with me about four months. I asked a friend we were with to hold you on leash as I walked away to take care of something. I looked back at my friend holding you and saw that you had your head a bit tilted and looked like you were soooo eager for me to come back."


"And now lately I've seen Gracie lounging in the backyard and she tilts her head just a certain way and looks gazingly at me; kind of like you were looking at me that day."


"I think it takes a bit of time for dogs and humans to bond, really bond. And based on you and Gracie, JoJo, I'd guess it's about three to four months. It is so special to me -- and I just wanted you to know that."


Thanks Mom!


It was a pretty exciting day here yesterday. I kept barking and barking at something in the front yard, Mom wanted me to stop -- but I couldn't!!!! I finally got her to see what I was barking at! Our neighbor's dog was running loose in the neighborhood, and they weren't home.


Mom has been concerned about this dog for a long time. She says he doesn't look well. And when she got him closer, she was even more concerned. So she called the police. Because, that's what we do here in our fair city, they are the ones that take charge of stray animals and help animals get back to their owners. The police came and Mom was helping to keep our neighbors dog in the front driveway. They got a bit concerned about him too when they saw him, because then they called the animal control officer, he's a policeman too. He arrived about an hour later.


I guess the neighbor's have to take the little guy to the doctor to get him checked out, and then the police are going to evaluate the situation.


The best part? He's going to get some much needed medical attention. AND! I got a nice raw bone and a fun long walk around the neighborhood for alerting Mom yesterday. Good thing Mom finally noticed!


Oh my gosh, is it the middle of August already? Where has the time gone?


In the past few days the mornings here in Indiana have had the hint of fall. Ah, fall! One of my favorite times of the year. The cool, dewey air in the morning, gives me the zoomies! And Mom just loves to work outside when it's like this, which means we get to hang outside with her! Yeah!


This week Mom ordered us new collars from Only Natural Pet Store; one of our suppliers. They are so cool -- and she says I look handsome! She only likes to buy us Earthdog collars, because they are so durable, fashionable and washable! 'Cause we love to roll in yucky stuff. See the one on the left, that's the one Mom got for Gracie (because she's the hippy of the family), and the one next to it in lime green is the one she got for me (because it goes so well with my black coat). We love them!



Had a USDAA trial this past weekend, at the Sports Zone. Some of you may remember that I've been going through a slow phase. And it happened again on Saturday. I did OK, but pretty much acted like I didn't want to do agility. WHAT!!!! Then on Sunday AM, Trainer J mentioned that my paw pads might be sore from the rough soccer flooring, so Mom put some Traumeel (homeopathic rub) on my paw pads, and even though I hated her doing it to me, I have to admit I felt better. I ran pretty well all day on Sunday -- and it was five runs!


We ended up with a Q in Advanced pairs, snooker and gamblers. Which was pretty darn good. So we need three standard Q's to move up to Masters level. Not too shabby.


Mom was especially proud of my gamblers run. She handled me perfectly through the opening and gamble; and we ended up in the best spot to start the gamble. She screamed with delight when we finished! Ah Mom! Can you keep it down!




On Tuesday we had training, and it was cool out like it is today. What fun! Gracie went first this time, and Mom said she did great! You go girl. She's now taking 5-8 obstacles in a row -- and you should have seen her maneuver that A-frame. Up and over and it's done! All I heard was a 'ump' and then 'ump' and she was done. So glad she's not going to be competing against me! Ha!




Hey, I've been tagged! The Siberian Husky, Niki tagged me! This tag stuff is kind of neat!

Here's how it's played:

1. The player of the game starts with "5 weird things/habits about themselves."
2. Then the player tags 5 friends and list their names - see mine below!
3. The furries who get tagged need to write on their blogs about their 5 weird things/habits, as well as state the rules of the game, then tag 5 more 'victims'.
4. Them they leave the 'victim' a comment that says "you're tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

So my weird things/habits are:

1. When I get really excited I howl! -- Mom says I'm getting in touch with my inner wolf! And when I do it people can't help but laugh - I look at them like - WHAT!
2. When I go over the dog walk in agility, I look like a prancing horse! What's that about? 
3. After I finish a raw dog bone I HAVE to rub my face on the carpet to clean it up! Drives Mom nuts.
4. I absolutely love to chase and herd birds -- sheep are pretty darn good too!
5.  I really like to clean cats ears - particularly Wiggy's  - is a pretty good pass time, if they sit long enough for it!


So here are my five pics for tagging! And why!


1. Pippin (the flyball dog) -- because I think he loves sports as much as Mom and I do!

2. Millie (the JRT) -- cause I love JRT's; they have energy like me and one of my best friends is a JRT

3. Thomas Peterson -- He actually has the guts to run for public office!

4. Scuba -- This one's for Mom -- she loves Bull Terriers!

5. Dusty -- 'cause he's a cross like me!



Week 1 - Friday morning the heat let up by about 25 degrees. So we went for a long walk around the neighborhood. Boy have I missed that! I pulled half the way I was so excited. I hope Mom takes me for more walks. And we get to do those far away recalls. I love those.


This morning we got an email from the folks at DoggieWire (


DoggieWire is a free email newsletter published daily and sent to your inbox that provides busy dog lovers with recommendations for all things doggie. From doggie couture to new treats to canine-loving events, DoggieWire keeps you connected and informed.


You've got to check it out, it's pretty darn cool!


Mom says we are having trouble with trimming my nails. I get so nervous, I just want to throw up! She hates being the bad guy. So she's taking me to the vet to have my nails trimmed today-YIKES! Pet Pals -- be kind!


Then tonight we're going to take care of Trainer J's sheep. She's at the USDAA regionals this weekend with a few of our other buds. We're not quite ready for that! But hopefully in a few years. I hope they do well.


Went to training on Thursday morning. That was so fun! We got to see Berry and Tic and Bravo and Muggy. We all ran the jumpers and standard courses. Still working on our speed, but we've got a plan and that's just the beginning! I did make all the courses though, and that was terrific!


After the trial this past weekend, we needed a rest -- and the heat isn't letting up for days. So we're beat! Rest for both Gracie and I on Monday.


Went to training on Tuesday AM. Both Gracie and I had a private lesson with our trainer. Mom says she likes the privates now and then. Gives her a chance to regroup our training planning. She says we're going to try some new stuff. See if it works out, helps me speed it up a bit and feel more confident.


Mom is going to let up on the revving up at the start and have me do a standing start instead of a sitting start. She's going to do less cheering during the run, because it makes me nervous, just like the revving up! But she's going to give me a few 'good boys' and woo hoo's when warranted, I've always liked those. She's been working on keeping her body, shoulders and head in more of a forward motion to where I'm supposed to go, because it confuses me when she moves all around.


We're also going to make a concentrated effort on long recalls, and weave pole training, at home and treat more on the contacts during practices. No problem for me, I'm going to love it. Sounds just like MORE FOR ME!!! YEAH!!! Hopefully it will all work out.


Think the heat is supposed to let up coming Thursday  AM; so we're going to train again then. And may do a few runs on Friday night, after Mom takes care of our trainers sheep. Our trainer is off to the regionals in Illinois! We sure wish them well.


July 2006


Week 4 - We went to Dayton, OH this past weekend for an AKC trail. Can you believe it, it was 95 degrees, sunny and very humid all weekend, and no air conditioning at the event facility. Saturday AM we got up at 3:30 AM, so we could leave at 5:00 AM. That was rough and an 1.5 hour drive to Dayton. When we got there we got all settled into the horse barn where we crated and ran. Wasn't too bad to tell you the truth, nice floor, electricity, cooling fan, and fun fun fun.


We did just OK this weekend. Had three runs and got one Q. But the best part is what faults we did have weren't too bad. I was a kind of slow this weekend, and had some tunnel bobbles. But, I did a great a-frame, double tunnel discriminate that Mom raved about, and despite all the commotion I focused pretty well. Mom and I are going to work on the slow, bit, but I'm only 2 you know, and the heat may be getting to me. Guess Mom will see come this Fall.


We saw some really great dogs, some really fast shelties -- and saw much to aspire to. That was fun and we got to spend some time with friends. Driving back and forth was hard, but didn't overtake us. We would definitely do it again.


Gracie got to see horses for the first time. When she saw them she froze! Just didn't know what to think of them. And, don't know if you remember, but she has a great fear of moving cars -- well we found out that may be over. A large tractor drove right past her and Mom and she didn't even flinch. What a girl! She is almost over all the baggage (that rescues sometimes have) that she brought with her when she came to live with us. You go girl!




Interesting weekend! The heat finally let up weather-wise. Thank goodness, we were all baking! So on Saturday, Mom did some yard work and cleaned the car and house. While she was cleaning the car, Gracie got into an ant trap. Yikes! Mom discovered it after about 10 minutes or so, and boy did she move into action. She picked up all the little black pieces of the ant trap, make me go inside the house, and grabbed the peroxide. She gave some to Gracie and Gracie threw everything up, her dinner, a couple of black plastic pieces, and the poison. Yeah!


Mom felt better, but she as still worried about the poison getting to Gracie, so she called the animal poison control line -- what helpful people! They said Gracie hadn't ingested enough poison to hurt her at all. And they also told that they have now started making that ant poison out of actual peanut butter -- one of Gracie's favorite things. Well, guess Mom will need to be more careful from now on!


On Sunday, Mom took us to the Indiana State Museum to do agility demonstrations. Because of all commotion on Saturday, we got there late. Oops! But we were able to see our buds, especially Darby and Sadie -- they did disc dog! And they were great! That little Darby is going to be a star!


Then it was our turn, I took the start line and hmmmm, saw a bird go by. I took a few steps and Mom called me back. Then we started our run, did pretty well on the first 6 or so obstacles, then a bird flew right over my head -- well that is just the most attractive thing ever -- so I took off after it! The crowd was giggling. Mom called me back and gave me a good kiss, and said pay attention! and Focus! So then we were back on track. Guess we've still got a few bird issues laying around, to work on.


Next weekend we're going to our first out of town trial, should be interesting -- it's in a horse barn; oh the smells!


Week 3 - It's been so hot here this week. When will it cool off so we can play outside more? But Mom still made the week interesting. We had a really cool visitor to our house. Ms. M is an animal communicator. And boy did we all have a lot to say to her!


I don't want to go into too much detail, privacy issues you know for Gracie, Wolfie and Wiggy. But we found out some health issues to be aware of and check out with our vet the next time we're in. And Mom found out some stuff to help with Gracie's behavior. She's kind of a free spirit and I don't like that, 'cause I'm so regimented. But we'll work it all out.


It was so cute -- when Ms. M was talking with Gracie and me -- Wiggy came up and asked if it was his turn to talk. When we told him in a little bit, he would get his chance -- he gave the evil eye. He's so cute!


Since Ms. M left, Gracie hasn't shown any interest in the cat litter box. That had been a really big issue with her and Mom. And now Gracie doesn't seem to even be interested. That is the biggest change ever!!!! What a nice girl to listen to what Mom wants. Besides it' not good for her to eat that stuff. And she's been more responsive to Mom's direction, and hasn't chased or bullied the cats once -- what a gal!


Mom talked with her about my agility. Some of you may know that I've been getting a bit slow out on the course, lately. So Mom was a bit concerned that I didn't like it anymore. Totally far from any truth at all -- I love, love, love agility! Mom was so happy to hear that. And she got some tips on what I like, don't like, how I read Mom on the course, and great info to help us be better. Can't wait to try the new stuff out this weekend. I also told Mom that I pulled my leg muscle last week at practice. Not bad at all, just a little sore.


And I told Mom that I am completely over the dog attack last fall -- just have a little stiffness sometimes, from the scar tissue. And that I'm totally over it emotionally. I know Mom will protect me the best she knows how. She's shown that a lot since the attack.


But we had a blast talking with Ms. M; she rocks! And she really cares about animals; and their people.


We're headed to the Indiana State Museum Pets in America gathering this weekend. We're doing agility demonstrations out on their lawn -- should be cooler and we get to see our buds! Is there a better way to spend a weekend? Not in my opinion. I'll let you know how it goes!




Week 2 - Just got back from the Agility Club of Indianapolis Agility Trial here in Indy. We had a great time. Saturday we ran in Open Standard and our first Excellent A JWW run. We did pretty darn good with both runs. We were under time, no faults and were the only dog/handler to Q in our jump height. So we were pleased with that! We earned our OA, and so we moved up to Excellent A Open for Sunday.


Sunday was a bit of a different story. Mom's thinking that we were pretty tired; that indoor soccer floor is pretty hard on both of us. So we didn't Q in either our Standard or JWW runs. But that's way OK, because even though we were tired, we both had fun! My only problem was focusing while in the weaves. But that may just be a mileage thing and/or a tired thing -- I'm still pretty darn young you know! Mom didn't really care about our bobbles, she cheered me on through both the runs. I really like it when she does that, she's my biggest fan!


On Saturday Gracie spent the day with some friends of Mom's down the street. They are retired and had a dog not too long ago, that's now at the rainbow bridge. They've been thinking about getting a new puppy and maybe even looking into agility or some activity. That would be so cool. Mom was a little nervous leaving Gracie with them. Gracie is really active and she didn't want to overwhelm her friends. When we picked Gracie up at the end of the day, she was so glad to see us! She licked Mom's face for about five minutes. Cool! Mom's friends said that she was active, got into things, but thank goodness didn't destroy anything. They had fun having her around and she was a good girl, they said.


Mom was really grateful to them for taking her for the day. Poor Gracie doesn't know enough yet to run in trials, so she gets pretty bored just laying around watching Mom and me. When Gracie got home I licked her face for five minutes. I missed her! And then she played in the sprinkler for awhile. She and I were both beat from the days activities, so we conked out pretty early.


A few other really cool things happened this weekend. Our friend Neo and his Mom got their MACH this weekend. They have been working for over two years for that. What a great accomplishment. We watched both their runs and I have to say it was THEIR day! They rocked! We so aspire to them --- Neo's a 16" Sheltie too! We haven't known them long, but Mom worked with Neo's Mom at a few trials and we've trained with them a couple of times. It's always fun to watch them. And Mom was honored to sign their MACH bar!


Another great thing we saw this weekend was our friend Griffin and his Mom did great runs all weekend! We watched as many of them as we could. And they got their NA and NAJ this weekend. Way to go Griffy! In their standard run yesterday they just looked like pros out there on the course. And today's jumpers and standard runs were smooth and flowing -- looked like a walk in the park. Congratulations you guys!


Our friend Willow and his Mom have been out the past few trials. Her Mom has some allergy problem and hives and itches all the time. They are having trouble finding out the cause, so they've been on the sidelines for a while. I know what it's like to be on the sidelines. When those dogs attacked me, I had to be out for a whole month. We felt so left out. But I have to say that when we came back we had progressed to a whole new level. Taking time off can be great! I believe that's what will happen with Willow and her Mom. When they come back, they will so, so, soo be back!


It's been kind of nice here the past couple of days, but dry. So, Mom was watering the lawn a bit this morning. Gracie has never really been fond of water -- especially baths; but occasionally will get in the doggie pool with me. But something got to her today and she was playing with the water from the sprinkler! It was so funny. So we video taped it -- check it out!

Remember, it requires Windows Media Player-Get it here!



Week 1 - Another Trial this weekend -- the K9 Athletes USDAA Trial in Lebanon. Boy was it HOT!!! 90°, Sunny and humid! What a sweaty mess. But we did pretty well! Got our AD and SSA titles, finally! And wouldn't you know, we got Q's in all our standard runs and NQ's in all our jumpers runs; now that's a switch!


Saturday we were in standard, gamblers and steeplechase. We Q'd in standard, and make a clean run in steeplechase but were pretty slow and didn't Q or move up to the next day. The gamblers was pretty tough from a tunnel to an out jump -- and since I can't see Mom give me the out, it was tough. We've got to work on that.


Sunday we arrived at the trial to learn that one of our buds went missing from getting spooked about the fireworks -- Calypso scaled a 6" fence and took off. Many of our 'tracking' buds took the whole day to try and find Calypso; but didn't have any luck. But a very nice person found him and called his Mom, he was back home in about 24 hours. What a relief!


Since many of the experienced folks were missing from the trial on Sunday, they were really short handed with volunteer help. So Mom volunteered to run the Masters ring for the day. She was so busy! And Gracie and I didn't get to spend much time with her except when I was running. But that was OK -- anything for Calypso. Mom told me that this was a rare emergency and that we needed to pitch in when needed. So I was totally OK with that!


And our bud Berry's Mom took Gracie for walks now and then -- she was really grateful!


Even with all the volunteering Mom had to do we still got in three runs; standard, jumpers and snooker. We did great in the standard run and Q'd, I took out a bar (first time in trial!) in the jumpers and we had a bit of an off course on the snooker. But Mom loved her snooker plan which is half the battle. So we were pleased for the day.


After the trial on Sunday, the folks running the trial took Mom out to dinner to thank her for helping during the day. So we spent some time with our buds in air conditioning! Yeah! Trainer J stayed behind and looked after us. There were 12 dogs in  the trailer -- that must be a record!


Monday we headed back to the trial. Mom was going to run the Master's ring again, because we didn't know if Calypso's Mom would be back -- but she was! And she brought Calypso, so we got to see him. He was a little banged up, but way OK! Yeah! Mom volunteered until we ran later in the day. We ran our standard course and did well! Q'd again, go figure! Then we had advanced jumpers -- we we're doing well, but had a wrong tunnel entrance. Our time was really good! So we were pleased with that.


Overall it was a hot, fun, difficult, trying, but great trial! And we got to meet a lot of new buds. Mom said she had fun running the Masters ring, and she met a lot of new friends. Agility folks are great!


Gotta go and rest -- long weekend, and tomorrow fun with just Mom!



June 2006


Week 4 - We went to the trial this weekend, probably shouldn't have on Saturday but turned out it was a good thing! Mom's back went out and from that her knee hurt really bad. But she bucked it up and ran me anyway. Consequently, our standard run was VERY interesting. I was going fast and she couldn't get to where she needed to soon enough for me like we usually do, so I had a couple of bad off courses and a couple of bad refusals. And then she got lost! That's a first.


But there were some REALLY good moments. 1. I worked really well away from her and she told me a good boy for that! Thanks Mom. And 2. there was a really difficult weave entrance and I nailed it and the total set of weaves. Yeah! Mom was really proud of that.


Our JWW run on Saturday wasn't too bad, but I had weave problems. There was dirt put between a few of the weave poles and it really thru me! I'm just not used to all the different weave situations yet. So after the second try, Mom gave me a little pat on the butt (love pat!) and said let's go! And we ran fast the rest of the course. Mom knows she's not supposed to touch me, but she was giving me encouragement and we knew we weren't going to Q anyway. So what the heck! I liked it!


Sunday, which was my birthday by the way! Was much better. Our standard run was kind of slow (I was a bit hot!) and we had a bobble in the weaves, but came out with just one refusal and Q'd! Nice surprise.


But my Sunday's JWW run was a whole different story! It was a tight course and I'm just learning to work away from Mom well; but she reigned me when needed and gave me space to work away with out's. I did really well! And was the only dog that Q'd! Mom was so excited she scooped me up  at the end and we heard cheers from the crowd -- what a rush! And a real nice birthday present.


Mom got me one of those Cool Coats from our site -- we didn't use it Sunday morning, but used it before my JWW run -- She thinks it really made a difference -- I was cooler! Yeah! And felt more like running!


A real nice lady, Ms. Yates, gave Mom a treatment on Saturday after our runs for her back and a quick follow up on Sunday before our run. She felt so much better. But I have to tell you, sleeping with her on Saturday night was no picnic -- she would rise up in bed in pain with back spasms; and I'm like -- what the heck! Kind of scared me -- but she reassured me that I didn't do anything wrong, and that I was a good boy! Which, of course, I am! it made me feel better, but I worried about her. She is so much better now -- thank goodness, maybe now I can get some sleep!


It's my birthday and Mom gave me a special bone -- I have to get back at it! Later --


Week 3 - Had training last night, just before a big storm. We worked on jumping drills and did a standard run three times. I did well! Was fast and Mom and I were in sync! Total fun. Drove home in the pouring rain and got home just 10 minutes before the hail started. Yeah! No dents in the car.


Have another AKC trial this weekend -- wish me well. Should be pretty fun; and we get to see all our buds again! Also Sunday is my 2nd birthday -- well since I'm a rescue we don't know exactly which day is my birthday -- but that's the day we chose. We don't celebrate my birthday as much as we celebrate my Gotcha Day -- and that's September 3rd.


Last year we had a huge Gotcha Day party -- what fun that was. And everyone's asking when the next one is! Well, Mom, we better get planning. It just so happens that September 3rd fell on a Saturday last year -- and it falls on a Sunday this year. Maybe we'll poll our buds and see which day they would like better. 'Cause I'm open!


We checked the Old Navy website today to see if we made finalist for their new mascot competition. Ahhh, we didn't! Mom submitted both Gracie and me; what were those judges thinking, not selecting us cuties!


Mom was looking over a Pet Product Trade Magazine the other day and saw that is coming out this month (or maybe next) with a heated and air conditioned travel carrier. That sounds cool! (Or maybe I should say -- hot (like Paris)). We may have to look into getting one of those. And, it runs on AC and DC power and has a built in battery pack. That would be great for trials and when Mom has to make a quick stop at the store on the way back from training. Hope they aren't going to be too expensive, or too big to fit in our car. And maybe Mom can look into offering it as part of our wide assortment of dog products on (shameless plug, Mom, I didn't ask you to write that!).


I've thinking about ways I could raise money for a worthy cause. Maybe starting with helping out the shelter where Mom got Wiggy and me -- the Southside Animal Shelter. What do you think if we do doggie paintings and sell them for charity!


We did doggie paintings at my Gotcha Day party last year and it was fun! Mom had to help me a bit, but I really got into it and my painting turned out great - at least that's what my buds told me. Here's a copy! Wonder if folks would buy them?



Later -- I'll keep you posted on the results from the trial this weekend!




Mom's been busy with work the last week or so; so we haven't had a lot of time for training. But we went last week and plan on going one day this week I think.


Last Thursday we worked on a full course. Ran it once and did well! No big mistakes that would take away from a Q. But we adjusted some things for our second try and did even better -- that Trainer J really knows her stuff.


So then we worked on speed. Trainer J (who I really don't like to hold me) held me back and Mom ran with me. It looked like I had shot out of a canon! I was so fast that Mom was dumb founded! Consequently, we had to start over, so Mom could get her bearings on how to handle me going so fast and then we did great! So we're going to try some things to speed me up. Mom said I looked like I was chasing birds -- I go really fast when I do that; 'cause it's one of my favorite things to do!


It rained later today and Mom grabbed the camera -- oh Mom! She snapped a few -- so here they are!




Yep it was raining -- and I love the rain; I got soaking wet and Mom snapped my photo. Then we took a break while Mom worked and she looked up and saw us, then snapped that one photo in the middle; nice portrait of the two of us, I think. Later Mom turned on the TV for Gracie; she loves Animal Planet! So she sat and watched it for a while (but not too long, she's a pup you know and has an attention span of a pea!)


Well better get some rest -- training tomorrow, yeah!!!



Week 2 - More about the weekend. Boy was Saturday a wet day! And Cool! But it's my favorite weather to run in. We had a good day on Saturday, picked up a Jumpers Q in Open JWW; and it was like my old self was back again! We had a lot of fun on that run. Our first Open Standard run we had a couple of bobbles on the weave entrance and didn't Q; but the rest of the run was beautiful! And I was a bit faster than my normal standard runs.


Then Sunday -- we had a Q in both Open JWW and Open Standard; what a great day. During my standard run it was drizzling, but I just love that and it had a couple of great 'traps', but we managed them well, and I did one of the best sits on the table, I've ever done -- and Mom was talking me threw the course just right. She's fun!


Just before our JWW run, an old friend of mine showed up -- Cosmo! Boy was it great to see her. She came to our house with her Mom when we were being interviewed as a potential home for a Border Collie rescue dog. I wanted so bad to play with Cosmo. But we had to go do our run. Needless to say I was a bit distracted (learned a good one there). But we made it three just in the nick of time and still Q'd. Whew! That was a close one.


Overall we had a great weekend and Q'd in five of six runs. Not too shabby, as they say. Have a weekend off coming up and then it's on to another AKC trial. Can't wait!


Oh, and our friend Willow, she got her NA title this weekend. And another friend of ours Ethan -- he got his NA title this weekend. That was so cool. He told me that he likes the standard runs better and I said I liked the jumpers runs better -- he likes variety, I like monotony! We'd make a good pair! Ha!


And another friend of ours had their first runs in Novice on Friday and they Q'd in both -- Ty is just a year old I think -- boy is he going to be a force to be reckoned with! You go Ty!


Captain's Log Stardate 6-9-2006 -- I got my NA and NAJ! Yippee!


76° and partly sunny. Not a bad day to be doing agility. We had two runs today -- standard and jumpers with weaves. Guess what, we Q'd in them both. Mom had set a PQ for today -- speed me up. We Q'd, but we had a bit of trouble on the PQ. Hey, there's always tomorrow and Sunday.


Our runs went pretty well -- wasn't sure what to make of that dog walk, it was a little different than I am used to in training, so it threw me a bit. But I did a great sit on the table, did a great chute, and then I 'refused' the teeter. Yep, you guessed it, it's not my favorite. But Mom didn't help a bit -- she didn't even tell me to go on it! Ha! So there!


But we were happy with the run. I sped up after the first half too!


Our jumpers with weaves course, was pretty fun. Don't know if you remember, but jumpers if my favorite! By the end of the jumpers run, I was back to my old self. Mom said, 'there's my boy!, where 'ya been?' So I showed her!


Well better get some rest, we've got two more days of trialing this weekend. So we're on to Open!


BTW -- our friend Willow, she got her NAJ too! Your rock, Willow!


Well after all that activity (agility trial) this past weekend. I was just beat! Mom too. Mom didn't think I was up to par, so when we took Wiggy and Wolfie into see Dr. Julie for a check up, she took me in for a chiropractic adjustment. Boy did I need that! She said I has a couple of places that were tender, and could be why I lagged a bit at the trial this weekend. That flooring was hard on my body -- Mom's too. She said she felt it for days.


So a bit of rest for a day or so, then I can be BACK IN ACTION! We'll take it easy at training on Thursday AM; so we can be raring to go on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for our 2nd AKC trial. Looking forward to it -- weather looks cooler and maybe rain! That's my favorite agility weather. Should be fun!


Week 1 - Had the Pawsitive Partners USDAA Trial this past weekend. We had a total of 10 runs in two days. That's a lot for both us beginners -- Mom and Me! But we made it through. We had some tough moments and some great moments. Great ones first!


We entered our first Steeplechase and did pretty darn well -- we even made it to the second round on Sunday. Trainer J's husband gave us the news! We were all so excited!


And then on Sunday we did pretty darn well again! Made it through the course with a clean run, despite the fact that we had to do the weaves twice in the course! Mom was proud. We finished fourth (last) but we walked away with $4.00 in prize money. How fun!


We also did well in gamblers this weekend. Got both Q's. So I guess that distance work last week paid off. So we got our SG title. And we picked up a pairs Q toward our AD title. We had some harried moments there. Our partner had to redo the entrance three times and we had to do it twice. But we still made time. Fast little shelties we were.


But the gamblers were the first runs of the day, so I was doing pretty well. But as the days wore on, I had trouble keeping up my stamina. In our first standard run we took an off course -- darn it; then the second standard run, I was just too pooped to pop and we had bobbles and time faults. On our jumpers run, I did well, but was again, really tired and we had a time fault. Our first run of snooker, we did the weaves and I pulled out - so no Q there. But we had a good Advanced snooker run the second day and we got a Q.


So now it's just one Standard run Q for the AD title. And one advanced jumpers for our AJ title.


It was really hot in the building and Mom brought a fan. Don't know if I ever told you, but I really hate machines, and that fan bugged me. But she meant well to try and keep Gracie and I cool.


Mom's been thinking of limiting my runs for each day when it's hot like this, so I can have fun ALL day -- and not feel too tired.


Overall it was a pretty good weekend -- full of ups and downs. But that's what life is all about, right! It was great to be with our friends again, and we met some new ones! Gracie made a real good friend in Joy. Joy ever so kindly took Gracie out for exercise, potty and time to meet new people during the trial. Mom was so busy and is really grateful to her for doing that.


The nice thing about Gracie? She loves everything, human and canine. Me? I get a little irritated by some canines, but I still love people!


One of our training friends, Berry, got her AD title this weekend. And another friend, Willow, (you've heard and seen about her) got her SJ title this weekend -- it was their first title! Congratulations to both of you guys (girls)! Way to go!


Well next weekend is our 2nd AKC trial, back up in Lebanon. It's a three day'er, so we should have some fun! And since there are only two runs per day, I should be able to keep UP!


Later! I need my rest!


May 2006


Week 3&4 - Haven't had time to give you much of an update the past couple of weeks. We've been busy. Mom's business has finally picked up and she's been working till the wee hours of the morning.


We've been going to training a couple of times a week. Getting ready for a couple of trials here in the next couple of weeks. And looking forward to it. After our great showing at our first AKC trial, frankly we're not sure what to expect coming up. But Mom says we've stepped up our game and I've really come into my own. Our focus is good, direction is good, timing is good and we're getting faster. I really have to say that agility IS my favorite thing, next to chasing birds that is.


Mom was at Old Navy picking up some new jeans since she's lost weight running me. They were having a contest to find the new Old Navy mascot. So Mom entered both Gracie and me. I think she told me that over 100,000 dogs are entered, so it's a long shot for sure. But what fun it would be to have my face plastered all over the country. We'll at least I think that would be fun. Mom's says -- just don't let it go to your head! Ha!


We submitted a couple of new photos -- Mom thought they were the best she's taken so far of us -- at least in showing our personality.




I kind of like them myself!


It was really hot last weekend, so we couldn't go out too much -- we were getting all pent up, as Mom calls it. But on Monday -- Memorial Day -- we went to a party at our trainers house and got to run agility! And Gracie got to meet many of my friends -- human and canine. She had a blast. We got to play in the pool too - and saw sheep. But Mom didn't want us over heating too much, so she didn't let us 'play' with them. But we did get to talk to our herding instructor from the seminar we went to. Mom wanted to talk with her about my 'potential' as a herding dog. Not that we want to start another sport just now, but maybe look at it for the fall/winter. Guess we'll see.


I've been getting a little fan mail recently. It is so great to hear from folks all over the world. And we get to hear from other dogs that do agility! They have great stories to tell. We especially have been receiving mail from my 'kin' (well sort of) -- shelties! Seems there are a lot of shelties out there doing agility. You go guys! And folks have also been asking about Gracie -- think that's nice. They really want to know if we get along. And yep, I'd say about 90% of the time, we do. There's an occasional tiff -- then we hear the big ENOUGH, from Mom. And we go back to being buds again.


Well better sign off, Mom has to get back to work on the computer; and then we have to 'load up' the car for the trail this weekend. Wish me luck!


Week 2 - Hi All! What a wet week it's been, I love it -- but my Mom is sick of it. When it's wet I love to sniff and I get to poo in real tall grass -- and we get to track muddy paws into the house and sniff the remains too! What fun!


But on to the best part of the week. We had our first AKC trial this past weekend and what a couple of days they were. Totally cool (temperature that is), totally muddy, and totally fun! We ran Standard and JWW on both Saturday and Sunday, and I Q'd and got first place in all of them! I was on fire, and pretty darn focused on my Mom. Of course, since it wasn't raining there weren't any birds to go after, darn it. But I did hear some goats baying (it was at the fairgrounds) -- and that really got my attention. But when I went in the agility ring, it was all about Mom's direction.


On our first JWW run I almost went off course, but Mom gave me a big HERE! and I went right toward her. Then I got a real big GOOD BOY! And we were off to the finish, and a Q. The standard run on the second day was full of (well, what some people call) traps, and kind of difficult for a Novice run. Mom did a lot of those RFP's with me and I was so responsive. A friend of ours said -- 'you guys really worked for that Q' -- and we did! We may have been one of just a couple that Q'd on that run in all the heights. I strutted off like it was just a walk in the park -- Mom was so proud, and said 'now that I know what you can really do -- we're stepping it up a notch'. Whatever that means, I'm ready!


Got home and Mom gave me one of the toys I won -- but Gracie really wanted it too -- well a big 'ole fight ensued -- so we all learned a lesson on that one -- no one hurt though, but it was kind of scary!


Mom says that we have another trial (USDAA) in two weeks, so we're going to work on our gambles to get ready That's the only thing (well, right now) that we really need work on. I gotta 'go out!'. We did a little of that at training this past week, with a jump, tunnel, weave -- and Mom got to see a bit of what I can do and the direction she needs to give me -- so we're starting there and getting in some good practice these next couple of weeks.


Today is Wolfie's birthday, he's 8 years old! What a veteran. So what did Mom do? She scheduled is annual checkup today -- ah Mom! That's not much of a birthday. But I'm sure she'll make it up to him. For 8 years old, he sure can give a good chase and jump like nobody's business. Good thing with us two herders in the house, huh?


Well better sign off -- Mom's needs the computer for work. 


Week 1 - This week has been kind of tiring -- but great! Because I got to do my favorite thing -- AGILITY. Yeah! We had training on Tuesday and Thursday. And Gracie even got to give it a try on Tuesday. She's getting a great start on her jumps and 2O2O. You go girl!


The first weekend in May we had the Quantum Agility Trial in Mooresville -- two days, 8 runs. I think we did fairly well. We got another Standard run Q, two Starters Snookers Q's -- which got us our Starters Snookers (SS) Title!. Then we got two Advanced Jumpers Q's; which was way cool. And I'm proud to say that we have Q'd in every single Jumpers run we have entered. I am so built for Jumpers!


We had some bobbles though -- one of which were Gambles. In our first Gamble run on Saturday I took the tunnel, then I took it again, and then Mom couldn't get me out of there -- I loved my tunnel. We provided some great comic relief for the day -- and I had a blast. After my third tunnel, Mom just let me have some fun. Thanks Mom!


And, we were kind of disappointed in our Gambles overall -- they were so much harder than we had seen visiting trials last year. Did all the Starters judges get together and decide to make them more difficult? Maybe. But we definitely have to work on our distance now!


My second Standard run on Sunday was the first run of the day; oh how Mom dreads it when the Standard run is the first run of the day; because I am so wound up! And guess what, I ran off the table, and took the teeter instead of the chute. Oh well, Mom and I have to work on our focus!


During a couple of my runs -- especially the first Advanced Jumpers run, I was going so much faster than Mom expected that she mistakenly threw in a couple of blind crosses. OOOOOOPS! We've never seen a blind cross, we've never done a blind cross and (make sure and tell Trainer J) we've never been taught a blind cross. But I was going so fast, Mom couldn't do the front cross in time and ended up doing the blind. She didn't realize it until the next couple of jumps; but then she did it again! Yikes! Well, guess that's another thing to work on. Shhhh -- but we still Q'd in that run. So she did what she had to do.


The whole weekend was an absolute blast. And all of our friends were there and very supportive. I really enjoy the company of all our friends -- that's why we started this in the first place.


Hey, if you want to see a video of my first Advanced Jumpers -- and those dreaded blind crosses, click on the little arrow below. Remember, it requires Windows Media Player-Get it here!





April 2006


Week 4 - Well we attended our second Agility Trial. What fun! And we lucked out -- the weather was great!


Our first day we were kind of nervous, only got a Q in Jumpers which means we now have our Starters Jumpers title! I'm an SJ! It's a start. We entered a lot; and I thought did pretty well. Had some weave pole entry problems (Mom's fault of course) and learned a lot.


Since we Q'd on Friday with Jumpers and had our SJ; Mom and I worked on distance and speed for the other two jumpers runs on Saturday and Sunday. And you know what? We increased our YPS by nearly a half a second; from an average of 4.09 at our New Year's show to 4.55 at this show. Cool! We are picking up speed. Yeah! and on our last Jumpers run we even got brave and layered a jump. That was fun! Here are some photos!




We also got a Standard Q -- our first out of 6 so far. For some reason we've been having trouble getting our Standard Run Q's, but we got one! Yeah! Now we are just two Standard Q's and one Pair's Q from our AD title. Cool!


This past weekend we also got to see some old friends and trial with them. It's great to see old friends. And watch them run! Yeah!


We're beat so better sign off. Later!


Week 1 & 2 - We found out something new about Gracie -- she may be a lush! Mom rarely drinks, but she brought home some beer to cook the turkey brats in. And what did Gracie do! She went right for it. Go figure? Here's a couple of shots of her putting it back. (No animals were harmed in the process of creating these photographs!)




She didn't really drink it, Mom got it away from her in time. But she really wanted that beer! Too funny!


Life is getting hectic! Gracie, agility, and now herding! Yes, you heard me right, I went herding (and so did Gracie). We had a blast. It was our first time. And the herding instructor evaluated me. Looks like we're pretty good candidates for herding. She said I was "A Lot of Dog!" Didn't have to tell my Mom that! Ha!


Click the arrow in the box below to see me herd for the first time. (And click the mute button if you just can't stand my barking anymore - Ha!) Requires Windows Media Player-Get it here!



And here are some still photos of me...




And here's Gracie (think she may be a natural!)...




March 2006


Week 2-4 - It's been so busy around here the past few weeks, now that Gracie has arrived. We've been teaching her all the basic skills -- sit, stay, down, leave it, go crate, stay and more! She is really catching on.


And we've been doing a lot of agility training, (not Gracie, yet, but me!). The first trial we are attending for this season will be in Lebanon on April 21-23 -- and we are getting ready! We have our usual Tuesday and Thursday morning trainings -- and now that the weather is warmer we have an occasional Sunday training at Trainer J's. We did just that last Sunday -- and there were about 8 dogs in my class and 10 dogs in the class just the hour before. I got so excited! I thought maybe we were at a trail there was so much activity.


And I ran like I was at a trial -- on fire!!! It was great! And Mom was pretty darn proud. It also gave her a chance to handle me in a more trial like situation. And our friends Willow, Shadow, Griffin, Berry and more were there. It was great to see all of them.


Then we went to training this past Thursday at Trainer J's. Willow and I had such Spring fever -- we were a handful for our Mom's. And a couple of times we had to have a time out. Oh well, best to get this stuff out of the way now, right? Instead of at a trial.


Willow's Mom broke her toe! Ouch! I bet that hurts so much. I remember I dislocated my toe last year and even that didn't feel so good. But she seems to be recovering very quickly. And she ran Willow on Thursday. But Mom couldn't help herself and asked Willow's Mom is she could run Willow. Mom was so impressed at how fast Willow is! She is a speed demon! I think I heard Mom say that Willow was faster than me! Surely not! And because Mom wasn't used to the type of handling with a faster dog, she made some mistakes and Willow barked at her. But Mom says it was great experience to handle a dog that works more away than I do.


I have to say that I really didn't like Mom running Willow. I barked and barked and barked! So Trainer J said that Mom needed to run me one more time -- I guess so I wouldn't feel left out. And wouldn't you know I saw a bird and wemt after it, right in the middle of a run. Needless to say, Mom gave me another time out for the day and took me straight to the car.


Then you know what she did? She got out Gracie and took her over to meet the other agility dogs and play a bit! Ha! How rude!!!! Guess I may have to get used to all this stuff if I'm going to have a sister. Sometimes I'm not sure I like this sister stuff. But it does have it's advantages -- I have someone to play with and keep me company! (The cats aren't really that great of company, you know). So like everything in life -- it has it's ups and downs.


Yesterday it was the best weather day so far this year. So Mom took Gracie and me on a walk around the neighborhood. Everyone was outside! So we stopped and talked to lots of folks we haven't seen since last Fall. And they love to give us treats! Gracie and I did our doggie push ups for them, just to show off! Everyone thinks we are so cute together!


Over the past few weeks Gracie has had some issues -- mostly puppy stuff that Mom has to work on with her. But there are a couple of things that we think may be the result of her being a rescue. One of them is she has a real fear of cars, not the cars just sitting there, but them running. Mom is working on that with her.


But the real problem was she whines like a banshee when Mom puts her in her crate to go to bed for the night. Man can she scream. After a couple of days with us initially she started to get over it (Mom gives her lots of treats to 'go crate'). Then she had her surgery and it started all over. Then she started getting over it again, and one night she got her head stuck in the crate -- so it started again, only worse! Poor thing. But Mom used some of those Dog Whisperer tricks on her; and she was over it, just like that. Oh she has a few nights here or there that it comes back (maybe it's the memories of being in the crate so much six weeks before she came to us). But Mom just does the shhhhh sound and she calms right down. Guess Mom just had to let her know she's the boss.


I have to say that all this stuff kind of gets to me. Even though Mom treats me like the king around here -- I am the second alpha you know (well maybe third after Mom and Wiggy). But I still feel jealous sometimes. Trainer J thinks my jealousy is making me better at agility in the past few weeks. But after last Thursday, Mom is beginning to wonder. I am faster and pay much more attention to Mom, but I still have my 'wild moments'.


Well better get off the computer, Mom has to work!


Week 1 - Well, this week has been a big week to say the least. I thought my life was getting pretty boring except for agility training days of course! But on Tuesday, my life really changed. I got a new sister! I'm busy, happy and tired a lot. And her name is Gracie.




As some of you may have read Mom has been looking for a buddy for me. But the search was lengthy and tiring; and she had a lot on her mind with her Mom being sick and the business needing more attention -- not of course, but her real business of marketing consulting. So we put the search on hold for a buddy for me. But Mom was doing a quick look-see on and saw Gracie, listed as a BC mix. And the location of where Gracie was being housed wasn't that far from our training facility - Pawsitive Partners -- on the southside of town. So, Mom took me and our friends Sherry and Willow down to see Gracie. She was being kept at an animal clinic in Seymour called the Jackson County Animal Clinic.


But Mom thought Gracie was cute! Not a BC in total, but real cute and friendly. So she hooked us up! My initial reaction was to put her in her place -- it's my Mom you know. And she took it real well from me! Mom was impressed. Not at all like the other hook ups Mom had arranged for me. I liked her pretty much immediately. So, we drove back to Indy and stopped back at the training center for our trainer J to take a look and see if she would be a good agility candidate -- since that's what our family pastime is now! Gracie passed with flying colors and she even 'graced' (aka, pee'd and poo'd) in the agility training center ring! What a natural. So we decided she was going home with us! What fun, I have a girlfriend! Yeah!


Here is Gracie's sad story. She was living with what they call a hoarder in the country near North Vernon. Hoarders are very sad. And from what Mom tells me have an illness that isn't being controlled. So, they end up not being able to adequately take care of the animals they take in. That's when the 'authorities' step in for the wellbeing of the animals. And that's what happened in Gracie's case. All the animals (about 70) were taken from the hoarder; then shelters and other folks were found that could take in the dogs until they could be rescued and found a permanent home.


Many of the adult dogs were euthanized because of aggression and health problems. But, thankfully, the puppies were taken in by the Jackson County Veterinary Clinic until their homes could be found. Mercy Rescue and Adoption in North Vernon helped the sheriff's department coordinate to find temporary homes and put the pups on That's how Mom found Gracie. And that's how Gracie came to live with us.


I'm very excited! And I am really showing Gracie the ropes. I know she isn't supposed to dig in the yard, so I let her know! And I know she isn't supposed to chew on Mom shoes, and I let her know! And I know she isn't supposed to try to counter surf, so I let her know! I'm the boss around here, you know! But Mom tells me, I don't have to take all the responsibility. It would wear out my brain! So she takes over helping Gracie understand what the good stuff to do is -- like sit, down, stay, and other neat jobs that you get treats for. And Gracie is catching on pretty quickly.


The first day together we played really well in the yard and I think Mom was very proud. But in the house, I was kind of feisty. But the second day, we played really well in the house and Mom was so happy to see it! Gracie is kind of a whiner though. She doesn't bark like me (at least not yet), she whines -- and boy does she whine!! I think Gracie is afraid of being alone and I think she is kind of afraid to go in her crate. Makes sense -- she's been in a crate for the last six weeks and wants to be free. Why not! So Mom is helping her learn that the crate is really a good thing. It's a place to rest and be safe.


Here are Gracie's stats!


Breed: Aussie/BC Mix

Weight: 27 lbs.

Height: 17 inches

Birthday: 8-15-2005

Gotcha Day: 3-7-2006

Favorite Food: Still learning!

Favorite Toy: Football (I'm a tomboy)

Favorite Pastime: Biting Johann's tail

Where We Met: He's part of my pack!

Favorite Thing We Do Together: Chase each other

Where I Came From: Rescued



We had training today, and it was a little different. I think Mom and I are kind of tired with the new addition to the family, so training was a little more slow, and uninteresting. But we'll be back on top in no time. Right Mom!


More later!


February 2006


Week 3&4 - No training week 3 -- trainer J has been on vacation. But we picked right back up week 4. This past Saturday and Sunday was the Family Pet Expo at the State Fairgrounds here in Indianapolis. I along with several of my training buddies did agility demonstrations. It was fun! But I have to tell you I got a little nervous with all those people, and noises, and, and, and...I did OK on Saturday, but on my third run on Sunday I kind of shut down. Sorry Mom! It was real hot, and the flooring was thin carpet on cement. Just not that great of conditions. But we went back to training on Tuesday, and I was fabulous! Did everything really well and made Mom proud again.


The Saturday before we participated in a full day agility workshop, run by our trainer and her husband. And we got to see some more old friends from my first agility class! Yeah! I did OK -- but I'm still not used to that flooring at the training center, and we were learning new things all day -- how exhausting! I got really keyed up by mid day and threw up all my treats! I'm just one stressed out little dude sometimes. Mom let me go to my crate and rest a while. Thank goodness we were done soon thereafter. Mom told me later that we should have gone outside and played ball for a while and ran some to de-stress. But she said she didn't think of it at the time -- she was sorry. But we are still getting to know each others quirks, for sure!


We did get some really big news this past week. I got my ILP from the AKC -- and can compete in AKC Agility Trials now! Yippeee! I'm officially a sheltie. Go figure? But we are very happy to be able to join all our friends at the trials.


As you know Mom's been looking for a buddy for me these past few weeks. We even went to a shelter not too far from here one day with our friend from training. We saw two BC mix pups, but they were mixed with Lab. (Not that there is anything wrong with that!) These 14 week old pups had feet about 3 inches in diameter! They were huge!!!! Just not a good fit for us, for sure. And Mom's been talking with BC rescue folks, but we just haven't found the right fit with them yet, either. It may take time, but we'll keep trying. Mom just doesn't want me to have to go on the sidelines for the sake of a new addition. We are peak into training right now. When it happens, it'll happen. For sure.


Better go, Mom needs the computer for work! Ha!


Week 1 &2 - Been busy again! We started a new training class on Tuesday at Pawsitive Partners with our Trainer J. It was fun and we met some new humans and dogs. We were very excited to see our friends (mine) Willow (and Mom's) Willow's Mom. We hadn't seen them since before Christmas. We were in our first agility training class together -- and Willow is such a doll! She wanted to play with me, yeah!


It was a little different because the flooring was matting. We hadn't run full out on matting before, so of course I was slipping. We'll just need to take it a little slower there from now on. But it was a good time.


On Saturday we went to Evansville to visit with a potential new buddy for me. But I have to say it didn't work out at all!!! The pup was a cutie I have to admit (even if he was a boy); but he wanted to get at me so bad! And of course I didn't like it. Mom walked us -- one on one side of her and one on the other; she had a hard time keeping that pup off me with her leg and guess what! Yep, she got a little bite out of it from the pup. Nothing even remotely serious, but to say the least it wasn't a good fit. We'll keep trying though -- Mom knows I want a buddy; we just have to fine the right one for me, Mom, Wolfie and Wiggy -- and to fit with our lifestyle. Did I say agility, agility, agility!!!


Mom is working on ILP'ing me. We should here in a couple of weeks. If it works we can do AKC trials as well as USDAA! That would be awesome! There are so many more AKC trials around Indiana, than USDAA. And we could really use the trial practice.


This coming Saturday we are participating in an agility workshop. It's a working workshop run by our trainer and her husband. We are so excited! Should be a lot of fun and hard work -- and it's all day. I know I'll be beat! But we are eager to learn more. And we'll get to see a couple of buddies that we haven't seen since New Year's. Cool!


At training this morning we learned the RFP. What's that? Some of you probably know it's a reverse flow pivot. Mom had read about them, but we had never done them before. We worked on the RFP in training today with discriminates. And I did really well! I think we finally got a handle on our discriminates. Of course we'll need practice, but what a cool thing! We loved it and Mom got real excited. Also Trainer J ran me over the dog walk today so Mom could see how fast I go. Wow, I think Mom was impressed! When she's running it's hard for her to see how fast I'm running. What a cool thing that was -- and I ran well with Trainer J; which Mom really liked!


And, not this weekend, but next weekend, we are doing demonstrations at the Family Pet Expo at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. I think they are expecting 10,000 people to be there over the two days. We are doing demos at Noon on Saturday and 3:00 PM on Sunday. And Mom is going to help set up on Saturday. I'll have to stay real focused on Mom if that may people are going to be there. But I know she will help me! I'll let you know now it goes!


Not training next week -- Trainer J is out of town. Ahhhhhh....


January 2006


Week 3&4 - Hi all, it's been busy around here again these past two weeks. Went to training. Here's the best news about that. Mom has been training me on the contacts over these past months. First we were running off -- not bad if that's exactly what I do, but a few times I jumped off -- not so good. So we've been working on a means to get it just right. We've stuck with the run off, but EASIER! And it's working -- Mom can even work away from me now and I'll slow down a bit on the contact (just enough to make the contact), but keep going! Yeah! We found a happy medium.  Still a bit tentative on the teeter; needs work -- and for some reason all of a sudden I've been jumping off the table -- ah, more homework! That's good, because homework comes with treats, right?


The other big news is that I may be getting a buddy -- hopefully a little BC brother. Mom has been talking with Border Collie Rescue; very exciting. Did I tell you that when Mom and I went to the BarktoberFest in Pendleton, we talked with Mary Marshall the animal communicator? She told Mom what I wanted and needed, including that I wanted a little buddy to play with. So we got everything ready for the little guy. Mom did all the phone interviews, stocked up on supplies, and we had a home visit from the Rescue. I got to meet a little BC gal named Cosmo! She was a blast to play with. And so, we passed! And now we're cleared for take off (that means to get me a buddy!)


We were supposed to go and meet a 6 month old little guy this weekend, but he got a case of the big D; so it's on hold for now. We're waiting to see how that goes. Hopefully we'll get to meet and see if we get along. But not sure when?


Since we were all geared up for travel this weekend. Mom and I went to visit her Mom, Sister and Brother upstate a bit. It was fun! All of them hadn't been together in years! And Mom said I was a very good boy. I got to meet my little human cousin, she's a cutie! And just starting to stand up a bit and crawl! I was very good to her and licked her hand and face -- she giggled! What a sport.


My Mom's Mom is moving into a care facility. Think that's kind of like rescue for humans; not that she doesn't have any home, she does, but needs help caring for herself. And they will do that really well where she's going. I'm excited for her -- I hear she will meet many new friends, have great fun activities to do; and that fabulous time called meal time -  all scheduled and cooked for her! I know exactly how great that is.


Mom says we'll go and visit her and have a picnic in the park! Fun!


We have training on Thursday. Coming up in a a week or so we're starting training two days per week. And on Feb 11th we're all signed up for a day long workshop.


Did I tell you that I have become a cat lover! Shocking huh! But that Wiggy guy in my pack here at home? He's pretty cool! The other day Mom caught me cleaning Wiggy's ears. Wiggy loved it and Mom seemed to be way ok with it. I just think it tastes good. Then Wiggy rubbed on my neck and walked right under me with tail high -- working hard to get a big back rub. He can be very feisty, but he's a little teddy bear at heart! The other guy, Wolfie, he loves to run! And oh, boy, do I love to chase. But Mom doesn't want me to. Oh well, she'll usually throw the ball to get my attention off Wolfie and that is so cool! 'Fraid I'll take a ball over Wolfie anytime! Ha!


Week 2 - It's been pretty quiet around here this week. Mom's been kind of sore with all the training and exercising -- get with it Mom! And she's been busy with work. But we get in a walk/jog a couple of times a day, and a good romp in the back yard with my basketball (5" of course). We had training on Thursday. Got to be outside since the weather was nice. We ran a full Masters course and tested it out for our trainers husband who is a judge. It was great! Had a few bobbles, and learned more stuff to work on-turns especially and rights/lefts. And it was 20 obstacles, 5 more than we're used to right now -- so of course Mom was winded. She's been doing a lot better about the running - and since we're doing a little jogging that is helping too. Keep it up Mom!


You know what's got me going lately? Laundry, yep laundry! I am totally obsessed with watching Mom load and unload the washer and dryer and fold the clothes. She's wondering -- what's up with that? But she says she might as well teach me to help her do the laundry. So that's what we going to do. First step -- pulling the clothes out of the dryer when they are done. Should be fun!


We went to visit with our neighbor down the street on Sunday. They lost their 'best friend' a few months back. I think they may be looking to get a new pup! Cool. I wish them well. Mom's been thinking about getting me a buddy -- probably a rescue border collie. But the timing hasn't been just right yet -- hope it will be soon. I want someone to play with besides swatting Wiggy! (The resident alpha male cat.) (Although I love him dearly).


Week 1 - Happy New Year! Hope this year brings you the best of everything!


Hey it's Thursday -- know what that means? Yep training day! And it looks like we're going to be signing up for another class, so we'll be training two days per week in Feb and March. Yeah!


Went to training today and you know what? Now that we've been in a trial and did well -- I think our trainer is raising the bar on us. We had to be a little more on the ball today, and we've got homework for the week. But you know what -- I really don't mind being pushed a little. I'm pretty ambitious myself so I don't need much pushing, but we don't want to get lazy now! We've got standards to uphold, right? But then again, we definitely don't want to take any of this too, too seriously.


Had a bit of hesitation on the teeter today, so we have to work on that. Mom did really well on her running with me today -- she's getting the hang of it that she doesn't have to run as fast as I do  and be so manic -- duh Mom! And we're going to start working harder on right and left. That's this week's goal.


We're signed up for a seminar in February and I want to work harder on contacts and the table, and working more distance if we can -- since we don't have the Frame, Table and Walk at home.  Looking forward to that. (Noticed I capitalized them out of R-E-S-P-E-C-T- hah!) - Later!




Well we did it! Made our debut at our first USDAA Agility Trial. It was the K-9 Athletes Trial at the Sports Zone here in Indianapolis - December 31-January 2, 2006. And what a debut we had!


With only 5 total months of training (had to take two months off for injuries) and just starting a week after my 18 month birthday; we got 4 Q's (qualifying runs), four first and three second place runs. We Q'd in all the Games we entered, but had a bit of difficulty in the Standard runs (Ah Mom!). But what fun we had!



I especially liked the Gamblers and Snookers - thought these would be my least favorite! But what a hoot they are! Mom did a really good job of timing out the Gamblers run - we were 8th pole in the weaves (right near the first gamblers jump when the buzzer sounded, cool!) Then we had jump, jump, tunnel, table during the gamblers section -- I was great! Guess that backyard work on distance last week really paid off! And I was more hyped up at the trial, so it was easier to work away from Mom.


The Snookers was really fun too! We had a nice flow and got 42 pts (2nd place). Not bad! I really liked the Jumpers and both of our runs had great pinwheels (love those pinwheels - and Mom does to, 'cause she doesn't have to run as much). We Q'd and got 1st in both our Jumpers runs so we are just one Jumpers Q away from our Starters Jumpers Title, cool! My body is totally built for jumpers!


Here were the runs we entered and the results:


Saturday, December 31, 2005


Starters Standard - 2nd Place - 20pt fault on the weaves (oops!) and a 5pt fault on a contact (another oops).

Starters Gamblers - 1st Place and a Q!

Starters Snookers - 2nd Place and a Q!


Sunday, January 1, 2006


Starters Standard - 2nd Place - 5pt fault for going up the dog walk instead of the tunnel (love that dog walk!)

Starters Jumpers - 1st Place and a Q!


Monday, January 2, 2006


Starters Standard - 2nd Place - 5pt fault on the table (Mom why did you overshoot the table?)

Starters Jumpers - 1st Place and a Q!


Overall it was a great weekend, I'm beat, but very, very satisfied with our first showing - and I think Mom is really proud of me. Our trainer put on the event, so it was nice to have her around. But Mom really wanted not to confer with our trainer during the trial, 'cause we've got to do it on our own someday right? So in preparation, Mom studied up throughout the week prior, so she would be more prepared - course maps, rules, etc. I really think the training is one part, mental is another part, and strategy is the real kicker! If you've got a good strategy and plan, you can have a much better showing - my two cents.


We stayed after the trial to help clean up, good way to wind down and I got a bit of rest while Mom swept the indoor flooring. We had a great time and can't wait until the next trial! Gotta go -- I need my rest!

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