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My Blog 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008 and beyond!

December 2005


Week 5 - Getting ready for my first agility trial this coming weekend -- the USDAA K9 Athletes Trial at the Sports Zone in Indianapolis. We are so excited! Went to training on Tuesday to practice up, did some sequences and did good! Then Mom and I went to training class on Thursday and did a very long run -- 20 obstacles! It was hard for Mom she hadn't done that much running for awhile and she gave out on me -- ouch Mom! She got a little confused and ran too hard -- duh Mom! But I did well. I was a ball of fire! Then we did another run, Mom Zen'ed a little more and we did great! Not perfect, but much, much better. Wish us luck!


Week 4 - Ah Christmas! It's finally here! And it's warmer so Mom and I got in a little practice outside in the yard. I did good! On Sunday, Christmas Day, we went over to Mary Frances' and Patterson's house for dinner, fun and presents! Mom got some great books and a DVD (Best In Show -- of course!) and I got a great Santa plush from the girls. We gave Mars and Patti a couple of toys and her Mom got a "Life is Good" coffee mug, t-shirt, and a treat bag for the girls. I think they liked them -- I know Mom and I really liked our presents! The food was fabulous and it was really great to be with them on Christmas. It snowed and snowed that day -- yeah!


Mary Frances is a pistol -- she's an 8 month old Schipperke -- and a real ball of fire! We wrestled for hours and hours, while Patterson (her sis) refereed. It was great fun! Here are some cool photos:




Next weekend is the USDAA Trial! Wish me luck!


Week 3 - Since it's been so cold around here this week, Mom got me a coat and boots. Boots? you say? Yep, boots. You see when it snows and it gets real cold, that ice forms between my toes and I can't STAND IT! And we have to exercise, right? So Mom puts these boots on me and we go great guns walking through the neighborhood no matter what the weather. But these aren't just any boots -- they are the same ones the dogs wear in the Iditarod! You know that great sled race they have every year in Alaska. I don't claim to be that athletic, but at least my paws are protected!


Been working on jumps, weaves and tunnel in the house this week; and it really paid off at practice on Thursday. I was a ball of fire again in the barn, but Mom and I had a lot better focus. I really paid attention to her and was magnificently rewarded for it! Chicken, chicken and more chicken! Mom didn't let me fool around in the barn at all, I couldn't talk to anyone, sniff any butts or say hi to the other Moms, but that was a-ok with me -- as long as I got that chicken! And we did a full course, starters of course. We did great the entire course except the last jump. I did just what Mom told me, but guess what? She led me to the wrong jump -- get it together Mom! But it proved -- I think -- that we're ready for competition. At least STARTERS competition! I can't wait until New Year's weekend!


Week 2 - It's been pretty quiet around here this week. Mom is prospecting for her business and working a lot on the computer. And it's been real cold, so we play inside a lot. I went to training on Thursday, I was a little pill! I wouldn't go over jumps, or through the tunnel and wouldn't focus on my Mom during our runs. I even had to have a time out in the corner in a down/stay. Focus was off for both me and Mom, that's probably why, and I'm not really getting as much exercise as usual. Confidence was low! But it's best to get it over with now and learn, than to have it happen at the trial New Year's weekend right? So the rest of the week, Mom and I worked in the house with jumps, leave it's, comes, and going to the tunnel. And she got out my chute since I hadn't been in that for awhile. Looking forward to next week!


On Saturday we went to the AKC A Match at Pawsitive Partners to exhibit It was fun! We got to see our friend Shadow and Mel run for the first time! They did great I thought. For the first 8 or so obstacles Shadow was right on! Then they had a little run off, but got right back on course. I was proud to know them! And folks were coming over to see Shadow since you don't see a Manchester Terrier in agility much. They were excited to see him run! Can't wait to see them do it again! And we got to see our friend Danielle. Hadn't seen her since the Gotcha Day Party in September and it was good to see her. She's been busy with her Field Spaniels -- seems one of them is ranked top in the nation now! Cool!


Week 1 - Went to the vet last Tuesday and was all cleared for agility training! Yeah, I'm back in action. So we went to training on Thursday AM. Boy was I a ball on fire! Seems my trainer thinks I should enter the USDAA trial here in Indianapolis on New Year's Weekend. I'll just be one week past my 18th month birthday (the starting age for USDAA), so looks like Mom is going to enter me! Should be really fun.


Since it's pretty darn cold and a little snowy here, we've moved into a horse barn for training. What a great place! Lots of smells, lots of dirt - good times. Mom slipped a few times, but she's getting the hang of it. We also had training with a couple of other teams, including a JRT and Aussie. They were great and fun to be around. Looking forward to next weeks training. Haven't been in that chute for quite a while, need to work on that.


Don't remember if I told you but a friend of mine, Charlie (the beagle) caught up with a fish hook a couple of months back when he went fishing with his dad. Don't worry, he is a-ok now. But his Mom sent my Mom a copy of his x-ray. I know they both went through quite an ordeal -- (remember my dog attack?) But this x-ray is a hoot! Check it out --



And, seems Charley (and Annabelle, and Jillian) got a new brother. His new Dad found him tied to the fence at the school where he works; and decided to bring him home. Turns out he may be a full blooded Great Dane! Can you believe it? Here's the new guy at about 2 months. Look at the paws on that dude!




November 2005


Week 4 - Well it's the day before Thanksgiving Day. Mom is working hard so she can take some time off from work-yeah right! I laid around this morning and snoozed, started snowing! Yeah the first snow of the year. I love it! You can't keep me down now!



Mom talked with my Doc on Monday, and scheduled one more check up for a week from tomorrow. And -- great news! -- I am cleared for anything. I can jump, I can run, I can leap (but not too high yet), I am free! What a great feeling -- I am one lucky boy.




I'm very nearly back to my old self! Got my staples out last Thursday, but they put a few more back in where I have the 'hole'. It's starting to heal much faster, now. Mom and I had to run around a lot this week to get ready for the TDAA Agility Trial at Pawsitive Partners Dog Training Center. We weren't competing, just exhibiting. But it was our first exhibit for, so we had to get a lot ready.


On Saturday we got up early, and Mom found the last three staples in my backside had started working there way out. One of them was scraping me and making me bleed again. So she took me to the clinic where I was stitched up originally and they took out all the remaining staples, put some antibiotic cream on me and sent me home -- no charge! What nice folks. If you are in Indianapolis and need emergency vet care be sure and see these folks -- they are really helping me get better fast!


Animal Emergency Center of Indianapolis

Pet Pals Veterinary Hospital


After that we headed back to the trial to tell folks about People were really nice and asked Mom questions about the site. Twelve people signed up for my new newsletter, Cool! Mom thought I may be a little nervous about being around dogs (since the attack), but I was just fine -- my old self. Not scared a bit! She called me amazing!


I also got to see my friend Willow run in her first competition. Wow, what a gal! She got a few Q's and some blue ribbons. She didn't seem nervous at all. Her Mom was a little, but that is SOOO to be expected. But after her first run, she was really into it! What a kick. I can't wait till my first trial. Mom says we're just going out there to have fun, no pressure. Think she will stick with that! I know she'll try.


There were lots of my buds there at the trial: Shadow, Ares, Willow, Mary Frances, Sydney and Maddie, Finian and Squirt -- and I got to meet some new ones. I also saw two of my former trainers -- they taught me in beginner classes.


Overall it has been an overwhelming, scary, exciting, busy and tiring week. But some of it has been the most fun! Mom and I are so lucky!


Week 3 - I am feeling much better today! Yeah! I want to run, I want to play!


I went in to the Vet today, boy was I scared. I shook and shock till I threw up! That's how scared I was. They looked me over and decided to put a couple of more staples in me to close up the big hole in my backside. Yeah, now I can heal faster!


I felt so good this afternoon, that Mom decided to give me some fun. We went out to the back yard and raked leaves, then she let me play in them. See!




What a great time. It got me all hyped up and Mom had to calm me down a bit, 'cause I'm not supposed to play too hard!


I go in on Thursday for stitch removal, if all goes well; I won't have to have another surgery -- fingers crossed!


Week 1 & 2 - Well it's be one heck of a couple of weeks, or should I say week. Week one we had training on Wednesday, did some real hard stuff -- Masters level sequencing. I did great, but Mom was brain freezing. I hear that happens with humans sometimes, they have so much on their minds!


Well week 2 was quite a different story and still is. Mom took me to the dog park on Saturday -- had a great time! Played with all the dogs, and stayed for about 1 and 1/2 hours. I was beat. The weather was great, the playing was awesome.


So Mom took me back on Sunday. We got there about 4:30 PM, nice day (again!). Mom let me in the park and I was greeted by two larger dogs and a few smaller dogs. We were getting to know each other, romping around. So Mom took us all back to where all the other humans were hanging out. Once we got there, all heck broke loose. Suddenly all the dogs started ganging up on me (all four larger dogs and the four or so little dogs), I couldn't get them away from me and neither could Mom. I was scared and yelping! Finally after about 15-30 seconds of that, the other humans came around and Mom finally was able to poke through to scoop me up. Thank goodness! I was so scared. Mom said - we're getting out of here!


She put me in the car and started checking me over. She found skin gone and a hole in my backside. So she rushed me to the emergency room-the Animal Emergency Center of Indianapolis. They hurried me into a room, looked me over real quick. But I had to wait for them to tend to me, there were so many emergencies. After a while they shaved my entire backside - after giving me a little something. Seems that dog had taken a big chunk out of me. Guess that chunk is back at the park.


Bottom line is I have a 5 inch incision all across my backside, incredible bruising all on my underside (including my 'you know what'), bruising down my thighs; and Mom continues to find injured spots and bruises all over me.


Over the past week since it happened on Sunday, Nov., 6th, a lot has gone on. I started shaking and breathing hard on Monday -- Mom had to rush me to the vet. They expelled my bladder, since the bruising had made it difficult to go. Thank goodness I can go, now! Mom said she would be shaking and breathing hard if she couldn't go too! And I got a chiropractic adjustment. That made me feel a lot better.


Over the couple of days I was in a lot of pain. And the pain meds made my stomach hurt, so I couldn't take those. Then on Wednesday I went in to get my drainage tube out. They kept me all day because Mom had a lot of meetings that afternoon. When I came home, my wound had split open. Then the next morning I popped a stitch. So now I have a dime size hole in my backside that keeps draining and draining. So Mom has to keep a real close eye on me.


Today (Sunday) my other stitches are healing nicely and I have more energy. But it still hurts. I'm resting more and am still on drugs and antibiotics. Now Mom wraps my wound sometimes, so I get some freedom from the dreaded e-collar. Sometimes though, when I'm sleeping I wake up very suddenly and yelp! I think I'm remembering the attack in my dream.


They say I go in on this coming Friday to get my stitches out. Mom still worries about all the lumps and hardness in my muscles and tendons, and that big hole in my backside. But the Doc says that she shouldn't be concerned. And Mom worries about me doing agility now -- will I be able to do it without pain, will I be OK at the trials with all the other dogs, stuff like that. The sad part is that it will just be a wait and see; and it's going to take a long while.


Mom and I had always liked going to the dog park at the Indianapolis Humane Society, but now I'm taking it off my Dig It list, and won't be going back. Sorry Humane Society, but the reality is that dog parks aren't what they are touted to be. They are very dangerous places, not only for dogs, but humans as well.


Mom didn't realize the dangers and I don't blame her at all -- I'm her first dog ever and she's learning. Everyone talks about how great dog parks are; your dog gets great exercise, dogs like to play together, dogs love it, and humans don't have to get tired exercising us.


But here's what happens -- you just don't know the dogs in the park, even if you think you do. You don't know if it's a nice dog, or a bad dog, or a dog that could have just been adopted, where their history isn't known. And you don't know how much control the humans have over their dogs; or if they are even paying attention  at all.


An innocent group play can turn into a gang up situation and dangerously escalate in a matter of seconds, even if you are carefully watching your dog  and how the other dogs are behaving (like my Mom was); you can't expect any human to be able to read 10 dogs in a matter of seconds, and then try to break up something before it get's out of hand. It's impossible.


Dog communication is very complicated to humans -- (shhhh; we'd like to keep it that way). Unless they have worked with us for years, they can't read or understand what we're saying to each other. Average humans say they know their dogs, but they may not. Mom is only beginning to learn about our kind and she has  read about 20 books about dogs since she got me.


The Doc on staff at the Emergency Clinic, told my Mom that most of the emergencies he sees are from dog park incidents. It was a real wake up call for my Mom.


The whole thing has been hard on Mom, emotionally and financially. She's had little sleep, because she needs to keep a close eye on me; she's trying to do her work as often as she can, and the costs of my attack keep rising. Even though I know she would spend whatever it takes to help me, expensive stuff like this can be hard on humans.


Mom says she's learned her lesson about dog parks the hard way, at my expense and hers. You see, she's my pack leader and I depend on her to take care of me. That's what pack leaders are supposed to do, right?


Well anyway -- the Humane Society found out which of those dogs attacked me. We hear the owner contacted the behaviorist at the Humane Society and wanted to consult with them about how to handle their dog, since it had grabbed a little black dog at the park-yep, me!  We commend them for trying to better understand their dog, so nothing like this can happen again.


The Humane Society has banned the dog from the park during regular park hours, but I guess they can still come to the park during off hours. And the Society is tracking down all the other dog owners that were at the park during my attack, to encourage them to seek dog behavior counseling. We're grateful to the Society for taking such action. But I can't help wondering when the next incident may occur.


All I can say is -- Mr./Ms./Mrs. Human, be a good pack leader; watch out for your dog and keep them safe from harm. Just because your dog likes it, doesn't mean it's the right thing for them. We need positive training and guidance, safe exercise, good food and shelter and above all else, lots of love. Treat us well and keep us safe and keep others safe -- no matter what.


October_2005">October 2005


Week 2 & 3 - It's been a busy couple of weeks. After the Agility Trail in Lebanon (where Mom won two of the raffles-I'll have you know), we had practice a couple of times that week. Been working on what my trainer calls -- THE CIRCLE OF DOOM! But it's not as scary as you think. We do serpentines, and then treadles, then Trainer J puts the table in the middle. You know what I'm getting pretty good at it. And now I am a-ok on the teeter too. I just love that bang!


One thing I really have to work on is the stop at the bottom of the A-Frame. You see I have a little trouble controlling my backside. I'm just a pup you know! But Mom is doing exercises with me to help me build up the muscles in my back end, so it doesn't hit the bottom of the contact before my front does! Ha!


The next weekend we went to the trail in Mooresville. It's one of the most popular trials of the year around here. Several of the top dogs in the US were there, cool to see. And we had the best party hosted by Willow's Mom. Oh the fun! and the food -- we'll that's what Mom said anyway. I did get a little taste of the chicken (left over in the trash) but before I could wolf it down, Mom yanked open my jaws and reached down my throat and pulled it out. Ahh Mom!!! She said it had bones in it -- not good. Love that barbecue.


We had a trick contest, and dressed up and had a costume contest. I was "the prisoner." See!



What do you think? Ahh -- little prisoner. I didn't mind it too much, except for the hat. It kept falling off! Ha!


It was great to see all my friends again. Hadn't seen many of them since my Gotcha Day Party in September. Later in the day we got to run around leash free and play -- love those friends!


On Sunday we went back to the trial since we didn't get to see much on Saturday. Hung out with Trainer J, my friend Ares with Mom Nan and her sister Mel. It was great to spend time with them. It was a real crappy day weather wise, rainy and real cold. But we had fun anyway.


The following week we had training a couple of days. Worked on crosses and turns, the dreaded CIRCLE OF DOOM, contacts and more. I also have been doing the weaves a lot better. Yeah! One day Mom had meetings so I got to go to day camp  -- wish I could go every day, but Mom says I need my rest! Ha!


Last weekend Mom worked on cleaning the house and trimming the shrubs, getting ready for Winter. But on Sunday Mary Frances and sis Patterson (see Buds) came over with their Mom Tonya for a play date! We had a blast! Mars and Patti are Schipperkes. And some say I kind of look like a Schipperke with a tail. We spent some time doing some agility. And trying out the tunnel. Mary Frances was kind of getting it, but that Patterson loved the tunnel I think. She was a natural. Mary Frances did well on the jumps. You know she's only 6 months old, but I think she would really like agility. I'll have to talk with her Mom about that.


Jillian's (see Buds) Mom told us that her other "baby" Charlie had an accident and swallowed a fishing hook on a fishing expedition with his Dad. How scary. He was in the hospital all weekend and had an operation on Monday. But he's home now (Tuesday) and is doing a-ok. So glad he's going to be fine -- maybe a sore throat for a while, but fine. Yeah! What a scare.


Mom's been really busy with work the past few weeks. She's been working real hard on the website. Getting all the cool stuff loaded on and talking with people. She's also been real busy with her other business -- technology marketing.


For what I think is the most important business or at least fun business -- -- Mom says we're running an ad in the Indianapolis Pet Quarterly next month. And she bought some stuff for us to hand out. One is my business card -- see!





Kind of hard to read, but they look good in person!


Mom says we are going to the AKC Sanctioned A Match at Pawsitive Partners on November 19 & 20 and setting up a booth. We'll be giving away pens, so if you are there stop by and get one for your Mom (or Dad) and we'll have treats for you! And check out the cool stuff on the website.


We'll better get back to resting, training in the AM.


Week 1 & 2 - Oh, Oh -- I've been neglectful! But I'm A-OK! Mom just has been so busy she didn't have a change to type this up for me.


Like I say -- It's been pretty busy here. But you can probably see that. We now have a new section of the website where you can buy cool dog stuff. And, I do mean cool. Not only do we now sell the best, most wholesome food and treats, but we've got great collars, beds, toys, and much, much more. I have to say I own quite a few things on this website. I want to thank all the companies that have helped us get this up and going. We couldn't have done it without you.


Oh -- but you ask about me! Well, my foot is a-ok, thank goodness and I'm raring to go. I've been to training last week working on crosses and turns - or should I say Mom has been working on crosses and turns (thank goodness). And we're working on contacts and gamblers strategy. I have to say we're kind of getting the hang of this stuff; and will probably be competing beginning next March. Of course, I'm still too young, now and won't be eligible (age-wise) for another three.5 months. No problem for me -- I like practice!


Here's a joke for you: What's the fastest way to the agility trail? Practice, Practice, Practice!


We went to the Bark-tober Fest in Pendleton a couple of weekends ago. I met with an animal communicator! Boy was it good to get a few things off my chest. I had her tell mom that I get car sick sometimes; have an irritable bowel; still have a bit of soreness left in my foot, but not too bad; and that I didn't feel confident with the weaves and teeter. I also had her tell Mom that I was so fascinated with the cats and jealous that they can jump up to high places -- I want to do that! And that I promise to not hurt them.


My trainer was giving demonstrations at the event and she asked if I wanted to do a small little run. I was eager, but Mom was hesitant. But she got brave and we did it together. This was my first time being in a ring, around lots of other dogs, and doing an agility run with more than four obstacles. I stayed at the start while Mom went out to the second jump (yeah!), then I took off like a bat out of you know where. I completed all the obstacles perfectly (with a little stall (AKA snack) in the tunnel from about 10-15 feet away from Mom; except the last one (the dreaded weaves). But we were very proud. I hadn't done the weaves for four weeks because of my injury. Wow, what a rush!!! I had magnificent dreams all night long.


Went to the USDAA Trail in Lebanon this weekend -- Mom's volunteering. But I went too; she says we need to get used to being around the atmosphere. What's she thinking? I dream of that atmosphere - dogs, the smells, the running, the grilling hamburgers -- sheer heaven to me. I was good; and she was proud. Then after she took me around to meet some folks (and dogs). Cool! We're going back tomorrow.


September 2005


Week 4-Went to the Paw Pounder in Franklin this weekend. What fun! It's a fundraiser for the Humane Society of Johnson County, which is two counties south of where I live. Mary Frances and her sister Patterson joined me and my Mom with their Mom Tonya. We all were crated up and headed south for the big event.


When we finally got there we were so excited. There were so many dogs -- and I just wanted to play with them all. We registered and got our goodie bags -- BTW, they were the best goodie bags ever! We got a frisbee, a t-shirt (for Mom), paw cookie cutters, Old Mother Hubbard (that's my brand!) wooden spoons (for Mom again), free samples of Solid Gold, and lot's more stuff.


We hung around with the other dogs, played tag with each other and checked out the cool park where the event was held. They had a lot of buds looking for homes, a costume contest, a musical sit, and lot's of booths with free treats. And we got our photos taken with a scarecrow -- and he was kind of scary -- Mary Frances didn't like him, but I was a tough guy (this time). I did a great sit/stay on the bale of straw right near that guy to have my photo taken. Mom was real proud.


What a great time! Here are a few photos. Oh -- and Patterson got a massage! I had one of those once, they are great. Next weekend is the Bark-tober Fest in Pendleton! Can't wait!



  Gettin' my Groove On                 A pink border collie?                  Trying to rescue a cutie!        Patterson's Massage        A blue poodle?


Hey-have you been watching that new show on Animal Planet -- K9 Karma? Pretty fun. Today's episode showed Charlie doing agility? Not bad for his first time. You can see it again on October 10th at 10:30 CST. My Mom does Yoga sometimes, maybe she'll will try it with me?


And yesterday's episode showed Tillamook Cheddar, the painting dog. Her paintings are selling for about $1000.00 now; and she's a new mom! Think anyone would buy my painting?



Had a restful weekend -- I'm supposed to stay on "leash" rest, you know from my dislocated toe. How do you rest on a leash, that's my big question. But Mom has figured it out.


Doc had me on Rimadyl last week, an anti-inflammatory/pain killer -- ah, drugs. Well, that's not exactly how it turned out. Seems that stuff made my belly ache, so Mom took me off it on Friday. Boy did I feel better, and didn't miss the pain killer at all!


Woke up on Monday and felt even better. Mom's been walking me about three times a day, short but very sweet walks. Mom checked in with Doc today, too; and seems I'm not going to need a splint, yeah!!! Still on leash rest for two more weeks at least, and Doc says that my toe should heal up just fine, based on my progress -- ligaments and all.


Was watching Oprah on the DVR tonight -- did you see she adopted three new Golden Retrievers pups this summer. Cute as heck! I'm sure she has her hands full. Wasn't too long ago I was just a new dude.


Wish she would adopt a shelter pup to add to her family; maybe even one homeless from Katrina. Hum.... I could write her and make the suggestion -- what's one more, huh Oprah?


Making plans for the Paw Pounder in Franklin on this Saturday. Mary Frances and I are taking our Moms. Should be fun! Hope my other buds can make it.


Week 3-It was a long weekend. I had to stay on leash all the time, no running, no dog park. But Mom took me to the pet store for fun! I loved that. But I still had a limp come Monday morning, so Mom took me back into the vet. At first they didn't see anything, but took x-ray's anyway. Turns out I had a twisted or dislocated toe. So that's what all the ouch was about!


They gave me another chiropractic adjustment, especially on that toe, and scraped my teeth while I was sleeping. Mom stayed with me at the vet's. When I came out of my sedative, I was pretty groggy. Wasn't sure what was going on, but then I could focus and saw my Mom. I was glad to see her!


Spent the rest of the day napping on and off, and I'm taking pain meds and inflammatories. Total leash rest for two weeks, no training, no dog park, no running around the back yard, no agility. Looks like Mom is going to have her hands full! And the vet said that if I wasn't better in a week, they may have to put a splint on my toe. That would be weird -- hope it doesn't come to that!


Week 2-Went to training on Thursday AM. Had a great time. We worked on sequences and stops on the contacts. Loved it! Got pretty tired after about 50 minutes or so.


The next morning I was playing ball with mom, and turned funny -- I collapsed on the floor -- think it was something with my limp from earlier in the week. So Mom has kept me in rest state all day, and that will go for all weekend too, as well as baby aspirin every 12 hours. Got to get this healed! Mom says if I'm not better by Monday AM, we're going in for x-rays. Don't know what those are but they don't sound fun.


So this weekend, no dog park, no walks, no agility, no chasing the kitties, no running up the stairs, all rest and no wild play. So Mom and I have been tugging a lot!!! Love that!


Mom's decided when we get over this limp thing, we're doing private training two days per week, 'cause our class will be over after next Tuesday. Since I get pretty riled up in classes and want to chase all my classmates -- she says she's thinking that private training will be good for us for a while. Don't want to squelch that drive, right?


We'll be skipping the week of the 19th though -- my trainer is going to Spain for the Agility World Championships with the rest of TEAM USA! Cool! Can't wait to hear all about it!




Well my little limp kept on for a couple of days. I went to training anyway because my trainer is a vet. She looked me over and thought I seemed fine. So we went on to training on Tuesday night. I was a bit irritable all night. Then, when I woke up Wednesday morning, I was sore and still limping.


So Mom took me to our regular vet -- Pet Pals Veterinary Hospital. They are great, very nice and gentle, and they put up with me. I just don't like it when they stick that thing up my butt. (Can I say that in public?). I yelped!


When Dr. Towle came in she looked me over. And then proceeded to give me my first Chiropractic adjustment. Not bad! Felt pretty good on the legs, popped my shoulder, then she concentrated on my back -- all went well till she hit a spot near my rump. (I think I can say that). Oh, when she hit that spot I almost bit her, OUCH! But she got it fixed. I walked around a bit, sat, and guess what -- no limp, felt better, sat without raising one of my paws. Cool! Mom was happy.


Then I went home and rested a bit. Woke up after dinner time and was back to what Mom calls my ornery self! I just like to have fun. I'm feeling much better, but need to take it a bit easy on the rough stuff.


Training tomorrow --


Week 1-After a busy day of partying on Saturday at my Gotcha Day Party Mom and I rested up all  evening. The next day Mom took me to the dog park. What fun -- I really have a good time there. But I got real tired and a little limp so Mom got me home and we took a long, long, well deserved nap. Ahhhhhh.


Visit the Gotcha Day Party page for new updated info on my party this weekend.


August 2005


Week 5-Things have been pretty busy around the house this week. Mom's been getting ready for my Gotcha Day Party and I smell good food!


On Thursday we tried out the dog painting that we're going to do at my party. At first I was very apprehensive, but then I got right into it! Mom put my painting on the big box that smells of good food and she oh'd and ah'd over it! Soon I'll get a photo of it up on the site.


Went to training this week too. We're now working more on sequences, jumping and going down on the table, very fun!


Heard a joke this week:

Q: Why did the man put his dog on a locomotive?
He wanted to train him.

Pretty funny, huh! Next week I'll let you know how the party went, and show you fun photos! Have a great holiday!


Week 4-Last night, Mom thinks I got stung by a bee or something! My nose started getting this little bump on it, and within two hours my nose was the size of a tennis ball!  Mom cleaned it up and kept a steady eye on me. She also let me sleep in the human bed all night for the first time ever. (At our house the day is mine and the night belongs to the kitties -- Wolfie and Wiggy, so I always go crate at night to give them some space. I don't mind. I love my crate).


The next morning Mom checked me out and the swelling was almost gone. She still called my friends at Pet Pals Veterinary Hospital to ask advice. They said if I was acting great, I must be OK -- just to keep an eye on me. They said I stuck my nose where it didn't belong. The story of my life -- 'cause I love to stick my nose where it doesn't belong!


I feel great -- hummmm, wonder if Mom will let me sleep in the bed again?


Another bee sting last night, this time on my back paw. Those things are nasty -- but I just can't resist them. Think I'll learn my lesson, soon? Mom hopes so!


And we got another RSVP for my Gotcha Day Party -- now we have 12 dogs and 7 humans. It's going to be quite a party!


Week 2&3-Kind of been the usual routine around here the past two weeks. Go to day camp on Monday and Wednesday, training on Tuesday night. It's been hot, so we stay in a lot. I have been doing more training on my weave poles lately in the backyard. At class on Tuesday, we concentrated on the weave poles, and I got to show my stuff. Did them just great, except for the entrance -- got to work on that. But Mom, got a good tip from the trainer -- so we practicing some new techniques.


I went to the dog park this past weekend. We went later in the day, about 9:00 AM, and there were bunches of dogs there. We (Mom and I) met lots of new dogs and humans. We both had a great time! And I think I met a new "girlfriend". She's a chow mix named Mona. It was a great time!


Mom is planning my Gotcha Day Party which, from what I can gather, is shaping up to be a real bash! 10 dogs and 6 humans have RSVP'd. Mom is ordering my cake and a human cake. Don't tell her I know, she thinks it's a surprise for me. And we're planning games for everyone --hot dog dunk, water relay, some agility, dog painting (I'm really looking forward to that) and lots of but sniffin'. I can hardly wait!


I'm starting private agility training next week with K-9 Athletes, and am really looking forward to that! I'll keep you posted.


Week 1-Got hot again! This is getting rough. But Mom got a mini pool to help me keep cool when I'm outside. I'm not the biggest fan of water, but I'm getting used to it. Isn't it like taking a bath? I really don't like baths, tolerate yes, like no. Mostly I just get the June bugs out of the mini pool, that's the most fun.


Mom's getting excited, She said she ordered some agility equipment and it should be here this week. That means we can practice in the back yard! Cool! Can't wait till it gets here and practice this weekend. Went to day camp two days this week, it's just so hot to do anything outside and I need the exercise!


No training this week. It's been pretty nice to have a little break -- but I'm looking forward to training next week. Hope we learn something new!


July 2005


Week 4-Finally it cooled off! What a great couple of days we have had. I had agility training Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Did really well at both classes, I think. We got to do several obstacles in succession -- boy was that fun!


Hey I want to announce I've set a date for my Gotcha Day Party. It's going to be at my crib on Saturday, September 3rd from 10:00 AM-2:00 PM. So all buds -- hear ye, hear ye, mark your calendars and an invitation is coming soon!


Week 3-Boy is it hot outside. This weekend has been stifling! So this AM, Mom took me to the dog park real early. There were lots of dogs there this morning. And we met new butts/buds -- Madeline and Sydney -- two gorgeous Cattle Dog/Papillion mixes. Great gals. Found out they do agility too at Pawsitive Partners, just on a different night than I. We ran and ran and ran. That Sydney is really fast. I think it's the first dog I have met that just may be faster than me.  Hope Mom takes me back next Sunday AM -- it's a lot more fun when more dogs are there.


Oh -- and last night I practiced my weaves. Mom has them set up in the backyard, tilted still. But for the first time I did the (tilted) weaves all by myself with no lure! Mom was so proud! Me too.


Week 1-Still doing agility training. And Mom signed me up for another class. Now I go two days a week, pretty tiring but I'm definitely getting better.


I've learned table, weaves, tunnel, jumps, dog walk, a-frame, and this past week I started on the chute and crosses. Didn't like the chute much. But the next day after practice, Mom and I worked on it at home. not so bad. Hope I can do it in class next week.


June 2005


Oh my gosh, I think I found my calling. We started another class they call Agility. It was just like what the other dogs were doing at the event we went to last month. The first day we jumped over poles, and walked over ramps. I love it. And my Mom tells me, we're going to do this every week.


At agility training this week, we started working on this thing called a tunnel. We kind of have a tunnel at home, but it belongs to Wolfie and Wiggy. Mom has been working with me to "like" it, because I didn't. Wiggy would get in the tunnel and hiss and swat me to stay out, it made me scared of that tunnel. But Mom put treats in it the other day and now I think it's cool. So I did well on the tunnel at agility class.


This past weekend we went to one of those agility trials, Met up with Shadow and Ares. Love to go to those!.


Oh, did I tell you that Rambo, Ares brother met up with a bad accident and isn't with us anymore. Very sad. And I know his Mom and brother are sad too. Rambo did agility and I admired him for his abilities. I hope I can be as good as he one day. I salute you Rambo!!!!! See you in doggie heaven and we'll run the agility course forever!


On the weekends we've been going to a new place called the Dog Park. It's at the Humane Society of Indianapolis. Love that place. The first time I went there were about 15 dogs, I started running and they ALL chased me. I ran and ran and ran -- until they all tired out. Ha, ha, gotcha!


IT'S MY BIRTHDAY -- June 25th, 2005


Celebrated my birthday this weekend. Mom took me to Three Dog Bakery for some goodies and we picked out a real cool new collar from Earth Dog. Love it. Then we went to the dog park and I ran and ran and ran, again! Pretty fun day.


May 2005


Things are pretty routine here.


The weekend after the Bark in the Park, Mom took me to the "Hike for the Hounds" -- a fundraiser for Greyhounds. Shadow couldn't come, his Mom had to work. It was really hot, and the dogs weren't very plenty. But a nice lady gave me my first massage. AHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhh. Then after we went to a store where they have treats and stuff for us dogs -- Three Dog Bakery. I definitely want to go again!


The next Saturday we went to a place where these dogs were going over jumps, walks, through tunnels, and poles. What the heck is that? I really liked barking at them when they ran, though. Shadow was there, and I met new friends, Rambo and Aries. They were cool!


April 2005


Getting pretty used to my "schedule".


Weekend: Hang with my pack, and go to events

Monday: Rest from the weekend

Tuesday: DAY CAMP!

Wednesday: Rest from day camp

Thursday: DAY CAMP and Training Class

Friday: Rest up from Thursday

Start all over again!

One weekend Mom this month took me to the Indianapolis Speedway, you know where they have the Indy 500! It was Mutt Strut Day to benefit the Humane Society of Indianapolis. I had a blast, sniffed a lot of new butts, ate great treats, met some new friends, and then we were blessed by a priest. After that we walked all the way around the Indy 500 track. What fun. Mom and I raised $100.00 for the Humane Society through donations from friends. Thanks Betty, Dennis, Tricia, Susan, and Bill for your generous donations!


This past weekend Mom took me to the park where there were having the "Bark in the Park." What fun! I met other dogs, Shadow and his Mom where there, we hung out, watched disc dogs (I barked at them and wanted to join in) and other buds in costumes, ate hotdogs, and a psychic "read my mind." (not sure that was real though). I also sat for a portrait that my Mom hung on the wall. I'm so handsome, she says!. I'm tired, got to go!


March 2005


I started going to a class with four other dogs. We spend the evening learning new things. I get so excited to go to class. I just can't wait to play with the other dogs. I admit I'm a bit unruly, it's just that I'm so excited. Did I say I was excited? But I think I am getting the hang of it pretty quick. I do what my Mom asks, and she gives me something real good to eat! Cool!


There's a really interesting dog there, his name is Shadow. He is so good. He does everything his Mom asks him to do, and spends the rest of the time looking at her. Where does he get this stuff. I'm getting the sense that my Mom would like that, but it's just not me! I love being busy!


February 2005


Ahhh, back at day camp after my "operation." Love that place. When Mom picks me up I am so tired, I just want to eat and "go crate."


Still cold, but love that snow!


January 2005


Boy it's cold outside. I don't like walking out there, my paws ache. Mom puts boots on me, and now I love walking! And the snow, so cool! Even when it's higher than me I love to jump over it.


We're going in the car again. I still don't like it -- I throw up again! I hope this goes away. Mom says I'm getting "the operation." I don't know what that is, but I hope it tastes good. I go to sleep, tired. Next thing I remember, I'm home and Mom is loving on me, a lot! I like it and don't even realize I have a little scar. What is that itchy thing?