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My Blog 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008 and beyond!

The Dog Blog

Visit here to see what I'm up to and whose butt's I'm sniffin':


December 2004


Things are getting busy around the house. Mom's putting green stuff on the stairs and a tree in the living room. Boxes are appearing under that tree. What's going on? Mom says is Christmas time, don't know what that is, but I'm eager to find out.


December 25, 2005


I wake up lazily, there are visitors in the house. I don't really like that since I don't get as much attention. Wolfie and Wiggy are sleeping under that tree in the living room, think it's warm there. Wait what's going on? Mom's putting boxes in front of me, Wolfie and Wiggy. She tears them open. Cool! A new toy! It's orange! It's squeaks! I love it!


November 2004


Boy is my life different now. I used to live in a muddy kennel with my birth Mom and brothers and sisters. Now I live in this big house with a great fenced yard,  take long walks, play fetch, you know the routine.


It's starting to get kind of cold outside. When I have to go out, I want to come in right away!!!


Today my new Mom says were going to "day camp." Not sure what that is, but I'm interested. We go in the car -- I still don't like this car place. It really makes me want to -- hold on -- oops threw up again! Mom says don't worry, I'll get used to it.


She stops the car. We get out. I smell dogs! Lots of dogs! Can I meet them? Can I meet them? Can I meet them? Can I meet them?


We go in, there are lots and lots of dogs, cool! She says have a good day, and leaves. I'm so excited I hate to admit, but I don't really notice she's gone.


You know what happened? I played all day. What fun! And when Mom picked me up, she said I did well, and I can go back! Can't wait!


October 2004


I've figured something out -- I now have a new Mom, and two new brothers. I miss my birth Mom and my brothers a bit , but it's good here. I'm becoming really attached to my new brothers, Wolfie and Wiggy, and my new Mom.


Mom's been teaching me things -- sit, stay, go crate, go bed, down, off -- I'm getting them all pretty well. I like learning new things.


The rest of September 2004


Wait, what's that in her hand? Food? Smells really good. She says something. What does that mean? I sit. She says "good boy". And gives me food. Hum, I sit, she gives me food. I sit, she give me food. I get it. This is cool!


I could get used to this. Long walks, Grass, A cool place to sleep. Good food. Loving. I'm liking it.


September 4, 2004


I wake up. Where's my Mom? Hum, feeling a bit scared here! Wait she picks me up. Says calming things to me. I like it. Get food, tastes a lot better than the food I had before. I itch, yikes, what's that? A flea?


She puts some stuff on me, I'm starting to feel better. But there are crawly things in my bed. Yuck. She picks me up and puts me in that car again. I think I'm going to throw up! I do, boy do I feel better.


Who are these people? They're nice. Pet me a lot and coo all over me. Then they poke me with something, Ouch!!!! I yip. But she talks to me again. Calmer. This isn't so bad. They give m a pill, yeah, no more crawly things in my bed.


September 3, 2004


Oh my! This is different. There is a human that I don't know picking me up and looking me over? Who is she? What does she want? I'm getting a little scared. Wait, she kisses me. I've never been kissed by a human, just my birth Mom. I like it and she smells good, not like the other dogs in the shelter kennel.


Now she's picking up my brother Jerry. He squirms and whines. He's a bit more intolerable than I am. He wiggles out of her arms.


Now she's picking me up again. I'm getting to like this. I lick her nose. My birth Mom comes over and jumps on her to make sure I'm OK. She sees that I am and goes to play with the other dogs.


Now she's putting me in another kennel, this one's in what humans call a car. This is scary. But I hear her speak in a calming voice. I'm ok. But the car moves, I don't like that! Yikes, I think I'm going to throw up!


Then the car stops. She takes me out of the car kennel. Takes me into a store, cool it smells like other dogs! And the people are so nice, they coo over me. You've got a good one, then tell her. We buy a lot of stuff, she says it's for me.


Then back in the car again, yikes, I don't like it, think I'm going to throw up again! We stop, She's picking me up and taking me somewhere. I sniff around, Look, other dogs. Wait those aren't dogs. My Mom told me about these, there cats! Interesting.


This is a nice place, Cooler than the other place I was where it was so hot. I think I might like it here.

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